The red 7 count betting system

April 7, 2017 Posted in Betting Strategies by No Comments
The Red Seven Count betting system, as it pertains to Blackjack, is a very simple card counting strategy, more so that the popular Hi-Lo betting system. Considered to be one of the easiest of all Blackjack card counting strategies, the Red Seven Count betting system can be mastered in minutes, especially if you practice counting the cards at any free online Blackjack games. These free-money games might appear meaningless to most, but this where many aspiring online Blackjack players practice counting in real-time situations.

The Red Seven Count is a very effective card counting strategy for beginner card counters, even those with basic Blackjack skills will eventually start accumulating chips using this betting system.

With expert traditional card counting systems like Omega 11, each card in the deck has a very specific value, and you are trying to work different sets of numbers while playing your hand correctly. With the Red Seven Count betting system, you make very basic calculations and know exactly where you are in the count easily.

To understanding the mechanics behind the Red Seven Count betting system, we have to look closely at all the values of each card in the deck. Every card in the standard deck is given one of following three values.

Cards 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, low cards, and assigned the value of +1 because the less of these cards the better for the player.
Cards 10, J, Q, K, and A, high cards, and assigned the value of -1 because as they are dealt things get worse for players.
Cards 8 and 9, neutral cards, and assigned the value 0 because they are simply ignored in the count.
Cards red 7 count as +1 and black seven count as 0 or neutral.

The counting of the sevens in the Red Seven Count system are the device that creates an imbalance in the count that allows the system to work perfectly. There are no complicated math equations or tables to memorize, we go up one or down one to keep the running count in tact.

A simple way to practice at home is to grab a standard deck of playing cards and deal them out while memorizing in your head. For example, we start at zero, when the jack is dealt we are at -1. Then a 2 makes it zero again. The 6 makes it +1, a 3 moves the count to +2, and a 5 brings the count to +3.

To see the count in visually, J, 2, 6, 3, 5, you determine the value as -1 +1 + 1 + 1 + 1 for a grand total value of +3. The count resets every time the deck is shuffled.

So the higher the running count gets, the more high cards are still in that deck. When the count is +19, you know many high cards are still remaining, and that means you should be getting ready to increase your bets.

If the count goes into the negative, that means many of the 10-value cards are already dealt and conditions aren’t favorable for increasing bets, This is when you play small-ball and bet the table minimum.

At the end of a standard deck of playing cards, your count should be +2 because of the 7s. Once you can speed through a deck and arrive at +2 easily, you are ready to implement the Red Seven Count betting system in your game.