Casumo Casinos Newest Game: “Mercy of the Gods”

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If you’re not familiar with Casumo’s newest game, “Mercy of the Gods”, then stop what you’re doing and check it out. If you love jackpot games, then “Mercy of the Gods” will keep you entertained all night long! If you’ve never been on Casumo’s website or played any of their other amazing games, then you’ve been missing out.

Casumo Casino

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They’ve got several online casino games from blackjack to poker to roulette to slot machine style games and more. So whether you’re down for some strategy on the card table, want to play others online in poker, or want to just unwind and crank the lever on the slot machine, you don’t even have to go to leave your home! We’ll cover the newest game, “Mercy of the Gods”, talk about the other cool games that are on this website, and talk about how to find this awesome site. 

Mercy of the Gods

Casumo’s newest game “Mercy of the Gods” combines Egyptian mythology, colorful storytelling, and fun slot machine style gameplay. The game is centered on Isis. If you’re not familiar with Egyptian mythology, Isis is the goddess of life and prosperity. With every set number of spins, Isis with reward you with “Gift of Life” re-spins. If she sees fit, Isis will also gift you with “double wilds”. There’s also the eye of Ra, the Scatter. As the Scatter, the eye of Ra will open the way to the “free spins” feature. If you’re fortunate to get enough bonus symbols, you’ll get all the way into the realm of Anubis. In the realm of Anubis is where the archeologist holds the chance for the player to win “gift of wealth” jackpot. 

“Mercy of the Gods” is an exciting slot machine game with eccentric story-telling. There’s a number of colorful characters to guide the player through a wild array of different ways to win big points. If the player can navigate through all the gods, goddesses, and characters, then they can win several bonus prizes, double spins, and eventually big cash! But even if this game still doesn’t fit your style, there’s nothing to worry about as Casumo has many other different casino style games to keep you one edge. 

Casumo Access

Casumo has all sorts of different style games from poker to blackjack to slot machines and more! Some of the other games on Casumo include “Prime Zone”. “Prime Zone” is a reel slot style game that dazzles with its Las Vegas style look. When playing this game it will feel like you’re driving through the Las Vegas strip. For this game, “multiplier wilds” can multiply a win by up to five times! The game even gives out bonuses that allow the player to receive a free spin. 
Casumo also has a newly installed live roulette wheel. With the live roulette wheel, there are two versions of the game: the classic version of the beloved roulette we all know and love and the enhanced version called “Lightning Roulette”. “Lightning Roulette” has extra cash chances to allow for more chances on bigger wins! Whichever version you go with, with live roulette you get real-time and real reactions. The dealer is live, the wheel is live, and the outcomes are live! These are just some of the amazing games that Casumo has on their website. 

Want to play? All you have to do is just go to the Casumo website, make an account, and get started playing and winning. With an account on Casumo, you get the latest access to their newest and hottest games as well as updates on the newest releases. Don’t wait any longer and check out Casumo today!

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