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For some people animals are more than companions or friends, some species (or at least their image) are considered to be living lucky charms. You might not want some of them sitting in your lap while your playing and placing bets but if having them nearby can affect your game time in a positive way, why not? There isn’t room here to list every species humans think of as lucky and some of the following may surprise you.

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  • Butterfly’s – Did you know that when one lands on you it’s considered to be good luck?

  • Red Bats – These flying creatures have been a symbol of long life in China for centuries. Wearing an amulet in their likeness blesses you with happiness and protects you from evil. Five of them together are supposed to represent the “Five Good Fortunes” of virtue, health, longevity, wealth and love.

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  • Dolphins – These beautiful sea creatures are thought to bring luck in cultures all over the world and wearing their image is supposed to provide protection as well as bring good luck. This belief comes from ancient seafaring folk that rejoiced to see them swimming near their ship because then they knew land was near.


  • Frogs – If you see a frog in your yard don’t chase it away. For many cultures frogs are a symbol of wealth, health, and prosperity as well as being a symbol of fertility in some areas. Ancient Romans thought frogs brought good luck to your home and native Aborigines in Australia believed they brought the rain needed to keep the land alive.


  • Tortoises– One of four celestial animals the tortoise is a good luck symbol often found incorporated into “Feng-Shui” decorating. It doesn’t have to be a living animal to bring luck, so it couldn’t hurt to have a figurine of one next to your computer when you log in to play.


  • Crickets – For thousands of years seeing a cricket in your home was believed to be a sign of good luck to come and whatever you do, don’t kill it because that is supposed to bring on the worst kind of bad luck.


  • Scarabs – In Egypt scarabs are a symbol of the rising sun, rebirth, and protection from evil. Google any Egyptian artifacts display and you’re sure to see several collections of beautifully wrought scarabs especially from the tombs of the most famous of ancient rulers.


So, unless you live by the sea keeping a pet dolphin is out and you may not want to import bats, turtles, frogs, and bugs into your home, but you can still soak up the luck with their image. Don’t worry about friends or family teasing you about being superstitious, unless you tell them otherwise figurines or photos of your special good luck animal don’t have to be anything more than decorations.

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