Poker‌ ‌Chips‌ ‌Explained‌ ‌

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Chips represent different amounts of money that are used for betting.

The main idea behind these tokens is to ensure the real currency employed in the casino world.

Table games, such as poker, have existed for centuries.

In the past, people used gold, metals, ivory, or even bones, as a representation for money.

Anyhow, with the spread of the gambling industry, the chips have evolved into standardized forms.

Nowadays, there are several types of poker chips.

More specifically, there are home sets, professional casino chips for everyday betting, the ones for tournaments, and so on. 

Furthermore, different colors represent distinct amounts of money in countries all around the world.

stacks of poker chips

The Psychology behind Poker Chips

In the traditional cash game of poker, there is no need for poker chips.

Directly betting and getting your money does the trick as well.

Anyhow, imagine sitting at a table full of cash and losing everything in a blink of an eye.

Modern casinos have found a way to smooth out this issue.

So, even though you are losing real money by betting with your chips, you surely don’t feel like it.

As a player, it is essential to learn the values of each poker chip.

Take into consideration that the assigned amounts of money vary with the casino and its location.

If you don’t fully understand the denominations, you may spend or lose more than you were planning.

In combination with alcohol, you may truly get carried away.

The Assigned Values of Poker Chips

The amounts of money assigned to poker chips are not constant and may vary due to several factors.

Anyhow, there is a worldwide accepted opinion on the hierarchy of colors.

hands hoplding poker chips on a casino green table

The following list may help you develop an understanding of the poker chips’ financial worth.

  • Brown-colored chips are worth £5,000
  • Light Blue-colored chips are worth £2,000
  • Gray/Burgundy-colored chips are worth £1,000
  • Purple-colored chips are  worth £500
  • Pink-colored chips are  worth £250
  • Black-colored chips are  worth £100
  • Orange-colored chips are  worth £50
  • Green-colored chips are  worth £25
  • Grey-colored chips are  worth £20
  • Blue-colored chips are  worth £10
  • Red-colored chips are  worth £5
  • Yellow-colored chips are  worth £2
  • White-colored chips are  worth £1

Casino Poker Chips

The poker chips are one of the highest-valued assets of a casino.

That’s why the land-based gambling institutions pay special attention to these tokens and their usage.

Casino owners are well-aware of the forgery which may appear with the poker chips.

That’s why they are taking numerous precautionary measures to make it impossible for players to fake a chip.

First of all, the poker chips of each casino have special weight, texture, and feel.

So, the staff can immediately spot when a fake is used in a table-game.

If the copy is done well, and cannot be easily spotted, there are other ways to prevent its use.

The casino chips have implemented serial numbers, or microchips, to track the use of the tokens.

Another interesting fact about the casinos is that they use different poker chips for their tournaments.

The values of these tokens are specifically calculated by using a formula, known as the Independent Chip Model.

Finally, you should remember that casino chips are not widely recognized or accepted.

So, you may not be able to move your chips from one casino to another.

To achieve this, you must make sure that the casinos are compatible and accept each other’s chips.

If not, you should convert your chips into money, and continue your gaming night somewhere else.