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50 Free Spins or NZ$200 Cashback

To welcome new players to the Slots Jungle Casino, BONUS rewards are offered to help the player start off.

About Slots Jungle Casino


The casino is closed since January 2020!


Slots Jungle is an online, Nektan gaming software where players may gamble for high paying rewards. The product is regulated by the Uk Gambling Commission and Gibraltar Government laws and operates in accordance to standards set for other such services. The online casino was established in 2018. The site is very well designed with vibrant and varying color schemes, an interface that is modern and user friendly, and a host of professionally designed themes. Since its launch, the game has picked up traction in other areas such as Canada, New Zealand and other countries in Europe.

To welcome new players to the game, bonus rewards are offered to help the player start off. Slot Jungle Casino has an impressive collection of slot games from players to choose from. With a huge amount of titles, including well known games such as blackjack and poker, players can expect to find a collection of games that fit their style of play. Note that there are typically age restrictions. Players under 18 are usually not accepted as members.

Slots Jungle Casino is fairly new to the business of gambling in comparison to similar platforms but sets itself up as becoming one of the most recognized online casino services in the North and South American regions. It offers plenty of good deals and offers that will that make the games feel fun and rewarding. It caters to both casual and professional players. Its design makes it easy to navigate and understand the rewards that are being offered. There are new events taking place every day so players can expect to keep coming back to something different. To ensure ethical practices, the fairness of each of the games was tested by Technical Systems Testing.

Players are introduced to a lot of different and well-known softwares. The different casino softwares offers players a greater sense of immersion. Decisions are made, and time passes in the game while the player deliberates their next move. This creates a well-paced environment for the players to feel that the game always remains engaging. The exotic atmosphere of animals jumping about the screen also creates a surge of adrenaline. The animations are well-designed and brings the games to life. Players may welcome the additional feel of adventure, while other players may look to more basic games that stick to a traditional style of play, which the online casino also offers.


When You Visit


Players can expect to be greeted with a vibrant display of stylized graphics and jungle themed characters. Jungle slots is a popular choice for casino software developers, so a great amount of detail goes into formatting the layout of the game. The sound effects are authentic and mimic that of an actual casino to give players a sense of immersion. Many of the designed sprites and graphical features center around a jungle, as the name would imply. This includes fruits that you would expect to find in a jungle such as bananas and coconuts. The game also features a large host of stylized animals that interact with the player like during a tutorial.

The animals and other jungle themed graphics are there for more than simple aesthetics. They also affect the winnings of the player, which offers an element of depth to the game. One example includes the Jurassic Park game, where dinosaurs featured on screen can potentially bring substantial wins or eat the player, resulting in losses. This new style of playing offers a quick burst of adrenaline as real stacks are on the line.

The jungle slots are designed to bring the slots to life and interact with the player. Some games instill a sense of adventure and wonderment, while others may go for more quick panic, which is ideal for impulsive decisions. Each game offers its own unique flair that caters to a broad audience. Of course, not everyone may be interested in the extra glitter and flash. These games can also be quite simple and are designed to have simple features.

The games use what is known as a random number generator. In programming, this function is used to generate a pre-computed result that is made to look random. The random number generator is programmed so that it meets the legal criteria for being considered a fair game. Professional software engineers maintain the functionality of the games. The games are monitored on a regular basis and updated accordingly.


Bonus and Promotions


There are a variety of bonuses offered for both new and returning players. One of the highest bonuses for new players is the NZ$500 Welcome Package bonus plus 100 Deposit Free Spins. New players will become eligible for it upon the first three deposits. The online casino also offers weekly bonuses that vary from week to week. Some of the bonuses can be well worth the deposits, offering up to a 100 Spins on deposits of a certain amount. The bonus that is offered depends on the amount that is deposited.

Special bonus codes are offered for playing certain games, as well as entering certain promo codes. These no deposit bonuses allow players to earn some extra cash without the need for making a deposit. The benefit of no deposit bonuses is that players earn the potential to win cash without risk involved. Note, however, that a deposit will have to be made in order to withdraw the money. For the greatest value of your money, make sure to do your research first before pursuing every available bonus.




Slots Jungle Casino primarily focuses on video slots. The online casino expands upon standard games such blackjack by featuring additional options and offering varying difficulty levels for the player to test their skill. Certain games offer different versions depending on the country. More video games can be found on the website.

The online casino also hosts regular blackjack tournaments. Players are encouraged to participate in these tournaments regardless of skill. These tournaments offer different divisions for players depending on their status. This will allow players to engage with other players who are equally or similarly experienced. More experienced players will be pitted against players who are also as experienced. Tournaments are a good way for players to put their skills to the test and see how they fare against other participants. Tournaments, like the games, also boost a very aesthetic design that will keep the games fresh and appealing.

There are enough games on the program to feel like an actual casino. There are more games expected to come that will increase the casino’s library. Slots Jungle Casino can be accessed both online and through personal mobile devices. Games can be taken anywhere and offer the same amount of functionality on both platforms.


Deposits and Withdrawals


There are a few deposits methods that players can use at Slots Jungle Casino. It is important that the deposit is compatible with the services, Players from certain countries must make the deposit through the appropriate medium. For examples, players from the NZ and Canada may make their deposits in the form of a Visa, Neteller, PayPal to name a few. Make sure to find out which services are accepted before making a deposit.

Slots Jungle Casino is supported by an extensive network of companies. Not all companies may be accessible in your region, so prior research may be needed.

Players can withdraw money through what is known as fast casino payments. Players will complete a required form that has a few basic questions. Other countries will accept currencies respective of that country. Players can expect to receive their withdrawal within a few business days. If this is the not case, it is encouraged to contact an affiliated support service to make sure that the money is received in a timely manner. There are several customer support services that can be accessed via phone or email.


Getting Help


Slot Jungle offers 24/7 access to customer support services. Contact information will vary depending on location. Customer services offer support in any area regarding the online casino including questions regarding deposit or withdrawal information, integrity of the game, and further inquiry of features. Make sure that you understand the rules associated with financial transactions of any sort. Improper use of your account can result in closure without notification. If this does happen, be sure to contact support services immediately.

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