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No matter, the game you select at Billion Casino, it will be an enjoyable one. All new players are going to be offered a generous BONUS.

About Billion Casino

Billion Casino is an online casino that is located in Ireland. The gaming software used on the site is licensed out of Malta under the Malta Gaming Authority. They are a fair play gaming institution. When someone wins at Billion Casino, they can be certain they will walk away with their winnings. The operators of Billion Casino like to pride themselves with the fact that they are a fair gaming institution. There are not many fair gaming institutions that you can find online.

Billion Casino encourages all players to play responsibly. This means that if you think you have a gambling problem, there is help out there for you. They encourage you to seek that help. There is always Gamblers Anonymous. When you go to Gamblers Anonymous, you are offered the help you will need for your gambling problem. This is to say that if you are gambling more than you can handle losing, you might have a problem. This would be the time to reach out and get the help you need to get back on track.

Billion Casino has an age restriction on their site. Gamblers must have reached the age of 18 before the registration date. This is part of responsible gambling. If you register before you are 18, there might be consequences for you. These consequences could involve more than just the deletion of your account.

When you Visit Billion Casino

The Billion Casino site is quite plain compared to other casino sites. The site reminds you of a site that just recently launched. There are a few games on the homepage. But, other than this you get the feeling that there are not too many other games. Like most online casinos, Billion Casino has slot machines. These slot machines can be played by anyone who has made a deposit to the site.

When you click on the hamburger link to get a drop-down menu, you are greeted with an opportunity to search the games. This will lead you only to a search bar. So, in order to adequately find the game you want, you will need to know the game you are looking for. For instance, you will need to know what slot machines they have available for you to play in order to find the correct game you are looking for. As far as searching for games like Blackjack and Roulette, this would be as simple as typing those into the search bar. However, to find a slot machine, you will need to know what kind of slot machines are available first. The site does not appear to be too user friendly.

Bonuses and Promotions at Billion Casino

The bonuses and promotions at Billion Casino come with strict rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are part of the terms of service for the site. Anyone who did not read the terms of service for the site should go ahead and do so now. This way you will be properly informed for the rules and regulations for the bonuses and promostions.

Billion Casino waves the right to disqualify anyone or a group of persons from a bonus or promotion. If the site seems to think you or the group are breaking the rules and regulations for the bonus or promotion, they will disquaify you or that group of people from receving the bonus. They will take the bonus back and any of the winnings you incurred because of the bonus will be forfeited.

All new players are going to be offered a bonus. This bonus will be a generous bonus and include cash up to 200 or more Euro and, or free spins. There will also be deposit bonuses available to all players who make a deposit of $10 USD to their account. Their account must be active and in good standing with the casino. All bonuses and promotions, even new player bonuses, are subject to the rules and regulations of the bonuses and promotions.

Games at Billion Casino

Billion Casino has a tab for casino games at the top of their site. These games are merely slot machine games. They include games such as Starburst, Fruity Friends, and Jumanji to name but a few. The deposit bonus can be used to play these games and more.

There is also live dealer games available at Billion Casino. These live games are available to all players with a valid account that is in good standing. When you play the live casino games, a dealer will be available in real-time to help you proceed through the game of choice. The deposit bonus and promotional deposits can be used on the live dealer games. The live dealer will let you know when you can no longer place a bet. It is at this time that you would wait for the live dealer to deal your hand along with everyone else at the table. Then you would be given the opportunity to bet accordingly.

Also, available at the Billion Casino are scratch cards. These are just as they sound. You select the scratch cards tab and are taken to a list of available scratch cards to select from. When you have selected a certain scratch card, you will be directed to scratch the scratch card and given the opportunity to see if you have won or lost on that scratch card. Some of the available scratch cards are Numero Uno, Wild Win, Meet Max, and Winners.

No matter, the game you select at Billion Casino, it will be an enjoyable one, I am sure. However, you can only select one game at a time. This is part of the rules and regulations governing the deposit bonus. This means you cannot play 2 or more live dealer games at a time. Which means you will be increasing the odds of winning whenyou do this.

Deposits and Withdraws at Billion Casino

At Billion Casino, players can make a variety of deposits. The site offers security measures for all deposits. This way you will not need to worry about your personal information getting into the hands of hackers and others on the ‘dark web.’ When you deposit at Billion Casino, you can be certain that you are going to be playing instantly.

However, there is one deposit method, via wire transfer, that can take up to 4 days to process. If you need assistance while depositing there are a number of links available on the site ofr you to use. This is to say that you should know that you can get the help you need to fully understand the implications of your deposit. You can also deposit in a multitude of currency. One currency that is not yet supported by Billion Casino is the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

If you would like to make a withdraw there are a number of ways to do so. These are all supported by the same methods of deposit. The only methods of withdraw that are not supported are those to a PaySafe card, and a few other methods that are not supported for the withdraw. For the most part if you would like to withdraw to your debit or credit card, this is acceptable at the casino. Just like the deposit methods, you can accept a withdraw in a multitude of currency. Some currency supported for withdraw include Euro, GBP (Great Britain Pound), and USD (United States Dollar). Again, just like with deposits the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not supported for withdraw.

Getting Help at Billion Casino

Billion Casino offers many availabilities to chat, talk on the phone, or email customer support while at their casino. The chat and to talk on the phone with customer service is only available for a limited time. It is available each day of the week. But hours are limited. When you chat with customer support via the chat link you are chatting with them through a chat company called ‘Live Person.’ This type of chat company is different than many other casinos.

Live Chat by LivePerson is available between the hours of 8 AM and 1 AM CET. This means given your time zone the hours may vary, but you will be able to chat with someone or talk with someone on the phone between these hours. These hours in GMT time are 06:00 to 23:00. This is plenty of hours to speak with a customer service representative.

If you would like to email the customer support, this is always an option. You can expect to hear a response back for your email within 24 hours. This is to say the customer support team will go through the emails from one day and answer as many as they can. Again, the emails will be answered within the same time frame that you can chat live with someone on the customer support team, or talk with someone on the phone. Emails are not generally the recommended method for reaching out to the customer support. Also, available on the website is a FAQ (Frequantly Asked Questions) section.

FAQs About Billion Casino


1. Why Was Billion Casino Founded?


Billion casino was founded by people who wanted to make a better place for everyone to gamble. They wanted to have a place where people could easily play games that are very popular, and they have partnerships with developers that give them exclusive games.



2. How To Deposit At Billion Casino


Depositing at Billion Casino allows people to have money to play their games, and they can play any game that is most exciting to them for as long as they want. all deposits are secure, and the players never have to worry about losing their personal information.


3. How To Withdraw At Billion Casino


Withdrawals at Billion Casino are immediate, and the player can get back all the money that they won in just a couple moments. The website shows all account activity for each customer, and it explains to the customer which games they won money playing. The player can choose the games that are the most profitable, and they will save money in the process.


4. What Are The Games At Billion Casino?


The games at Billion Casino include some of the most popular games in the world. These games are a part of the Billion Casino family because they have a large following. The Billion Casino team has many more games ready to release every month, and they always feature the most popular games so players can try them.


5. Is There A Mobile App?


Billion Casino is easy to play on a mobile browser, and the player is allowed to play the same games they would have played on their desktop. The players who come to the site on their mobile app see the same thing they would have seen on the desktop site, and they can access their account to make deposits or withdrawals.


6. What Bonuses Do They Have?


The welcome bonus is $200, and the player gets 100 free spins when they take out their welcome bonus. The welcome bonus that people get must be wagered so that players can withdraw all the money that they have won. There are seasonal bonuses that the players can use to put more extra cash in their account, and they could stockpile a lot of extra cash to use for their gaming.


7. What Is The Free Spin Bonus?


The free spin bonus offers 100 spins for all players, but they have other spin bonuses that people can take out because they would prefer to have more spins for their favorite games. These free spins make it easier for people to play slot machines, and the free spins could be converted to bonus cash to play other games.


8. What Are The Wagering Requirements?


The players must wager their bonuses before they can withdraw them, and it is very easy for people to use these bonuses because they come up first. However, you must do the math so you know how much bonus cash is left before you are wagering your own money.


9. Terms And Conditions?


The terms and conditions of the site do not go any farther than the wagering requirements, and players can read deposit and withdrawal rules on the account page.


10. What Customer Support Options Are There?


The customer support team on the site will talk to people on the phone, and they will chat on the live chat window if the players have questions to ask while they are playing a game. The players could send an email from the contact page, or they might call if they are local to the casino office.

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