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Black Spins Casino has a website that anyone can access, and it welcomes mostly New Zealand players who are looking for a place to go that will make them feel like they have come home to a place that will be best for them.

About Black Spins Casino

Black Spins just what anyone would think when they see the name of the site. The site has a soothing background, and it has a lovely set of games that people will enjoy when they want to play for many hours to many games that they have fallen in love with. The site has been set up to feature slot machines, and it has been designed to make it easier for people to get the results they want because it can help them have more fun with the games, make real money, and earn more bonuses.


The Black Spins Casino has a website that anyone can access, and it welcomes mostly New Zealand players who are looking for a place to go that will make them feel like they have come home to a place that will be best for them. This site is more fun than most, and it was set up to make life simpler for people who have questions about their play.

The player who comes to the site will see many of the developers who are partners of the site, and there is a new game coming out all the time. This is a very simple thing for people to do, and it could change the way that someone gambles because it could give them an idea of how to make more money through games that they truly enjoy. This is a site that gives players all they need, and it makes them feel comforted as they bathe in the dark backgrounds and simple styling.

The Homepage

The homepage for this site is the perfect place for people to check first because they need to find options for their gameplay that will suit them best. The players can sign into their accounts up in the corner, or they might want to sign up for an account. The left corner menu has all the other things the player needs from the bank to the list of games. The player can check out the promos on their own, or they can drag down the middle of the homepage to see all the new games that are posted for players to try.

The homepage is a great place for people to get news on the site, and it is a place where the player could try out popular games, featured games, and games that appear to be updated. There are logos at the base of the page that will show people who all the developers area, and they can even click on the fair play commission that will make sure the site does right by all their customers.

There is an FAQ page at the bottom, and there is a fantastic email page that will help people send out messages to the casino staff. There is also a live chat bubble at the bottom corner of the site where the player can have a live talk with someone on the casino staff. The live chat window is very small, and it can even be minimized while the player is in the middle of a game.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses on the site start with up to NZ$400 extra cash and 150 spins. The players that take advantage of these bonuses are more likely to win money because they are getting free spins on the site. The players might be looking for bonuses because they are new to the site, or they might check every day because they want to see what is new. The player that is very thoughtful about this could actually come up with some huge bonuses that will fill their accounts. This alone could make the site more fun to play, and it will help people when they have specific questions about how the site works.

The promos are also set up by developers because they ant people to come back to the site often. They have very good promos laid out that could include tournaments, extra money, and bonus spins. The players who see daily promotions should give them a try because that will be easier for them to use. The player could have so much bonus cash that they could play for a long time before they ever need to tap into their real money.

The bonuses and promotions must be used before any money can be removed, and the player that has questions about withdrawals should refer to the banking page. The player who does not want to lose track of their money needs to keep up on their own. The player must know how much bonus cash is left, and they need to have that worked out in their head so they know when they can finally do a withdrawal.

Mobile Play

Mobile play is facilitated by the website that will work on a mobile browser. The mobile site will work just like the desktop, and the website will give players options to sign into the site, to check their money, and to even make withdrawals. Ally he games work just like they would when they were on the regular computer, and the player could use their touchscreen if they want to have access to more gaming options. Some of these games are made to be played on a mobile device, and that could make it even easier for the player to make money.

The mobile play requires a strong connection, and the player who is trying to play on the move needs to stay close to their connection so that they do not have any problems. Someone who is moving around a lot needs to know that their phone network will stay connected through all this time.


Games on the site are varied because the site wants to give people many slot machines, table games, and other options like video poker. The video poker that people play could be a fast way for them to make money, and the players might go to a table game that they think would be the easiest for them to play. This means that the player could also go to the slot machines that have the right story or style for the customer. Someone who is playing the right game is much more likely to win money, and it will help them have a nice time purely because they will feel as though they are not lost in the casino.

The games on the site come from many companies, and there are many popular games on the site that have migrated from other places. The games have been brought there to bring in players, and someone who comes for their favorite game will have a much nicer time playing because they will feel as though they are already in their comfort zone.


Banking on the site includes the banking page and an activity chart that will show the player how much money they have won on each game. There is a list of all deposits and withdrawals, and the players is given a chance to invest in the site in a way that will be best for them. They do not need a list of the bonus cash that they have been working with, but they can always go on this page to withdraw their money once they have won something off their bonus cash.

Banking that people do on this site could use any payment method they want, and the player needs to be very aware of the fact that they could change their payment method to suit the situation. The player can even add money to their account without any issue while a game is going on. Here are some deposit methods; Paysafecard, Skrill and Neteller.

Customer Care

Customer care on Black Spins Casino uses the phone number, the live chat window, and the email page. The email page is a place where the player can send in long messages, and they can wait for an answer that will help them understand how the site works. The email page is a good place to go to send in complaints about fair play, and it also allows the player to write down everything all at once. Put all the information for the account on the page, and be sure that the site has at least 24 hours to respond to any requests.

The live chat bubble sits in the bottom corner of the site, and it is a very good place for someone to go when they need to get instant answers to their questions. There are many people who would prefer to use live chat while they are playing a game, and this allows the gambler to keep playing with no trouble. The player that is very thoughtful about this will save a lot of money, and they will have a way of getting an instant answer to their questions. The player that is in need of customer care can always get it, or they could call the local phone number if they want to talk to the office staff.

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