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NZ$400 Bonus + 200 Free Spins operates via the highest security standards, creating safe and secure play within all realms of the casino. – Bringing the Nightlife to your Desktop

A night out on the town usually involves some expensive tabs, luxury clothing, and a deep pocket book. Experiencing this sensation from the comfort of your own home is something Casinocom strives to achieve. Their thematic view of the online casino space will leave consumers in awe. This casino was established in early 2008, but their expertise of this space greatly expands beyond their infancy in the marketplace. The design piece is kept relevant, catering the views to the user and immersing them within the nightlife themes. The full inventory of programs is tabulated and shown with graphics, assisting the user in a successful arrival to their desired destination. This company operates via the highest security standards, creating safe and secure play within all realms of the casino. The bonus offers keep the players interested and engaged, boosting bankrolls and handing out fabulous prizes. The marketplace expands all different gaming avenues, catering to the casual and consistent players. Let’s dive into some of the specifics surrounding this newly minted casino.


The casino was founded in early 2008, making it one of the oldest platforms on the marketplace. The team at Casinocom sought out the advice and partnership of some of the biggest names in the industry, creating a sound environment for their players. The casino gained licensure via the Gibraltar Licensing Authority, ensuring all checks and balances were made. This site is also regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, holding top standards for security and safe play. The brand is managed under Mansion Ltd., a company that holds high regard in the online gaming community. This partner company was awarded Online Casino Operator of the Year, spanning from 2017 into 2018. This award is handed out on an International basis, marking this casino extension as one of the top faces in the industry.

When you Visit

Upon accessing the site, the user will notice a streamed banner that shows picturesque views of the city nightlife. Dancing in clubs, vibrant skyline views, and other such accommodations liven up the homepage. Placed below this slide show are infographics that highlight a majority of the slot machines available at the casino. This helps give the user some insight beyond the titles, terming themes and making the user aware of the content they can expect from any given machine. Located directly above the start to these graphics is a timeline that takes the user to other tabs. Live casino, jackpots, casual games, and an A-Z breakdown mark the different headings available to the user. This creates a terms system that helps the user reach their intended destination with speed and accuracy. A search bar is also made available if you can’t quite pinpoint the route you wish to take. Also located near this timeline is a running post of current winners. This helps dole out the machines that are currently running hot and lets the users know that winning is a staple of this casino. These real-time results are a fun inclusion for viewing. As we near the bottom of the page, we notice the different brands associated with the casino. Whether it be the different deposit methods or gaming partnerships, each is available to click for the user. This will re-direct the user to the page of their choosing, detailing the specifics behind each partnership and company that works with Casinocom.

Bonuses & Promotions

Casinocom also sets the standard when it comes to bonus offers. The no deposit bonus is something everyone can enjoy. Upon entering your user information and becoming approved for play, the user will receive 20 free spins on the Age of the Gods slot machine. These spins come at a 20x playthrough rate, which is a very competitive number when compared to other sites. These spins are accredited upon successful sign-up completion, allowing the user to collect free cash without placing a deposit. If the user wishes to make their first initial deposit, the casino tacks on 20 additional free spins for 8 consecutive days. That is an offer of 180 free spins just for making the minimum, initial deposit. Not only that, but the casino will match your first deposit at a 100% rate for up to $400. Doubling your bankroll and increasing your chances at free payouts has never been easier.

Weekday promotions are also a staple that the user can get behind. Try Funky Friday and simply make a deposit of any sorts to become eligible for free play cash. The user will receive $5 to play on the allocated machine with no playthrough requirements. This allows you to sample machines each week on the casino’s budget. Red or Black Wednesdays also hold a special presence for depositing users. The user can pick their color and receive either 50 free spins on a $0.25 machine or 25 free spins on a $0.50 machine. Additional days of the week are allocated for certain bankroll increases, free spin payouts, and other such promotions, so mark your calendars for the event that most suits your playing style. Seasonal offers are also in constant motion, with holidays marking additional periods of payouts and bonus play funds. Currently, the casino is offering a dream vacation that they will draw for at the end of the month. Most of these offers require a minimal deposit, helping the user reap the benefits of such programs.

In the Mobile

The casino also underwent successful transformation into the application space. The app is made available to download in the Google Play store and Apple iTunes store. Device compatibility and content sizing will vary, so check with your provider to ensure successful content streaming. Most of the offered content is carried to the mobile space, allowing you to experience the same fun and satisfaction as the web-based content. Additional offers are also sent out via mobile applications, allowing the user additional bonus offers and specials. This application also allows the user to connect via social media outlets and will other players, helping to team friendly competitions or large tournament play. This also helps the user access game streams with players from all over the world, connecting the Casinocom family.


The casino is in constant development, hosting a current game collection that rests just under 1,000 different titles. The production team works with powerhouse companies such as Microgaming and NetEnt to create some of the latest in online game development. These partnerships also help to release exclusive content that is only available to Casinocom users. The casino hosts titles and themes at a relevant clip, constantly revolving their featured titles and themes to fit the desired mold of the player. This helps create a constant influx of content. The slot machines range from classical stints to the 3D and virtual reality realms. This helps the user experience online gaming unlike ever before. The table game platform also carries a heavy amount of types, allowing the user to sample from live dealer phenomenon and the classical favorites they have become accustomed to.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Casinocom is a major carrier for all credit and debit card types, with deposits showing and posting within minutes of a completed transaction. Deposits can also be made via bank wire transfers, online credit cards, and additional pay-as-you-go options. The casino will also work with you if you have an additional deposit method that you wish to use, creating the flexible means needed to plump your bankroll. Withdrawals also come at a quick clip. Most withdrawals will post to a desired account within 48 hours. Once again, the casino also works with the user and can accommodate you if you wish to receive your funds at a quicker clip. Communication is key to introducing these speeds.

Getting Help at

Casinocom is built from a team of specialists that have experienced many years in the online or at-home casino space. They understand the ins and outs of the business and can assist the user with any questions they may have. This dedicated team is made available everyday of the year on a 24/7 basis. The support provided can be accessed via live chat box. This allows the user quick answers to simple questions and lands you a representative within seconds. E-mail is another outlet for accessing help and representatives usually respond to questions or concerns within a few hours. E-mail usage can also be utilized if you have a deeper question that make take a little research to produce the desired outcome. An FAQ page is also included, creating a stream or questions and answers to some of the top concerns online casino players face. This is a good resource for helping with common questions and concerns.


FAQs For Casino

1. Why Was Founded? was founded because it is a place that allows people to place their bests, have fun, and truly enjoy a style of gaming that is unique online. Most people who are trying to make money online through gambling should remember that they can come here to make money, to play unique games, and to have fun with their friends.

2. How To Do Deposits at

Deposits on this site are handled by the account page for each customer. The customer can choose any payment method they want. The player can use a credit card or a debit card. The player might use a bank account, and they can change the deposit method any time that they want.

3. How To Withdraw at

The withdrawal method can be changed at any time, and the player will find that they can easily make withdrawals as soon as they have won their money. There is no wait for the player to get their money back, and these withdrawals come with an ACH receipt so that players know how much money they have withdrawn.

4. What Games can I find at At

Games at represent the simple games that were designed to be played at the table, and they have slot machines that range from fruit slots to the adventure slots that are so popular today. The site always adds more games because they want to provide the customer with more chances to make money.

5. Is There A Mobile App?

The mobile app for is easy to use on any platform, and someone who has trouble with the desktop site could use the mobile app because they prefer to use the touchscreen to play. There are many players would would prefer to use the mobile app because they are more comfortable playing on a smaller device or playing without a mouse.

6. What Bonuses are there at

Bonuses on the site range from their welcome bonus to simple bonuses that have been created for players of certain games. These bonuses are opne to customers at all times, and they do seasonal bonuses, bonuses for tournaments, or bonuses that come from the developers of the games. It all depends on what the customer would prefer to get out of the game.

7. Are there Free Spins At

Free spins at are offered, and players should try to stockpile as many spins as they can find so that they will have much more money to work with. These players will find that they can make more money if they have extra spins, and they can withdraw any money they win with their free spins. The spins do not have a cash value.

8. What Wagering Requirements at

Wagering requirements state that players need to use their bonuses before they can be withdrawn. The player needs to be aware of how much bonus cash they have, and they can keep using it to play games for free as they learn.

9. Terms And Conditions

There are no other terms and conditions on the site that make it hard for the player to have a good time. These terms and conditions are easy to read, and they come along with the player’s welcome package.

10. Customer Care Options?


Customer care options are available to players who want to use the live chat stream, the email page, or the local phone number. The live chat window is very easy to use, and it is a place that people might want to go if they are trying to get a question answered while they are in the middle of a game.

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