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Kiwi, you’re ready to do battle on the Casino Heroes site and we’re here to tell you how to maximize your gains by knowing a bit about the world into which you’re about to enter.

Got your Maori bone and greenstone pendants carved with lucky symbols on a chain around your neck? How about a couple of Tikis and maybe the stash of Pascall Pineapple Lumps you’ve been saving for a special occasion? Kiwi, you’re ready to do battle on the Casino Heroes site and we’re here to tell you how to maximize your gains by knowing a bit about the world into which you’re about to enter.

About Casino Heroes

It’s a place. A destination. A fanciful journey to a world that helps you leave the reality of your job and test your skills on a site that is guaranteed to delight and fascinate you. Created by game enthusiasts with vivid imaginations, Casino Heroes literally elevates online gaming to new heights as you venture forth into a land where all things are possible.

Founded in 2013 by Georg Westin after he grew weary of lackluster online games, he mixed non-gambling games with casino games that have been around for centuries. Launched in 2014 to the delight of Scandinavian gamers, Casino Heroes entered the Japanese market with great success in 2015 and it’s well on the way to becoming a worldwide favourite.

Not resting on laurels, Westin took his company into sports betting via in 2016. On February 5, 2018, Casino Heroes 3 knocked out competitors to be named “Product of the Year 2018” at London’s fourth annual Global Gaming Awards show. Expect more success in the years ahead when you play with the best.


A short history lesson 

Recreational gambling has been part of New Zealand’s history since the early days of European contact. Rowdy dudes arrived at Kororāreka ready to share a passion for gaming with Kiwis who hadn’t a clue one could have this much fun. From cards and billiards to whist, loo and forty-fives, Chinese miners introduced New Zealand to fan-tan, pakapoo, mah-jong, pai gow and poker.

Dice and coin games grew in popularity by the 20th Century and two world wars introduced new games via military personnel from myriad nations stationed in New Zealand, but it wasn’t until Housie was legalized in 1959 that gambling kicked into high gear.

Fast forward to the present. History was made when Lotto Strike, Keno, Powerball, Big Wednesday and other games, under the auspices of the nation’s Lotteries Commission, became big news for folks across the nation.

By 2011, Kiwis were spending a billion dollars a year on Keno, Instant Kiwi and Lotto, but it was the phenomenon of online gambling that captured the hearts and minds of New Zealanders. The Gambling Act of 2003 regulates activity—and it’s been amended twice—in 2005 and 2015—but basic rules remain the same, so as long as you’re 18, Mate—you’re invited to be a Casino Hero!

When you visit

No passport required to visit the Kingdom of Casino Heroes, but you may not care when this portal takes you to a buffet of options. Join 357,538+ fellow adventurers by locating the site map that takes you to 3 “fantastical islands” where your avatar engages in Boss fights on a quest for rewards.

A separate goal awaits you on each island, but you’re going to have to vanquish bosses to get your winnings, and to add more drama, mystery treasure bags filled with prizes await your avatar, too.

With each spin you progress further along the road to personal gain and since the minimum bet per spin for progression points is just €0.20, you’re assured of hours of play, even if you’re watching your wallet.

If those bosses remind you of yours, it’s no accident. Play lets you beat them at their own game as you choose between nine randomised boxes within three categories. Use your arsenal of weapons to negotiate the playing field while amassing treasure. But don’t take our word for it! Sign in. Play. You’ll be amazed how quickly you catch on.

Bonuses and Rewards

You’re on the Casino Heroes site to have fun, but with that fun comes responsibility, which is why it’s important to know the lay of the land before you start. First, your host has the right to withhold and remove bonus money that’s been sitting in your account longer than 3 months. Ignore those Rubies and Free Spins rewards for 30 days and they’ll disappear, too.

Your first deposit is subject to a wagering requirement and winnings on free rounds also come with wagering requirements. Further, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to amount limitations, so keep your eyes open when you read the rules.

It’s also important to know that there are household limits. Once you snag a bonus or free spins, that’s your site limit, so discourage Uncle Oscar from using a pseudonym to try and bypass this regulation.

Additionally, the “maximum winnings permitted from the €5 no deposit bonus is €100,” and you can’t withdraw anything more from this bonus. Bottom line: you are required to make at least one deposit and play it through before you can tap winnings from the €5 no deposit bonus. Read this again if you’re befuddled or contact casino staff for additional help.

Take your gaming mobile

We get it: you’re on the move. Work takes you here. The family takes you there. Once upon a time, you had to leave life’s guilty pleasures behind every time you packed a suitcase, but thanks to technology, you can take Casino Heroes on the road (or in the air, if you will) and you don’t even have to buy it a ticket.

The rise in mobile casino popularity continues to skyrocket. Eith this in mind, the brainiacs behind Casino Heroes aren’t just preparing for it–they’ve already put into action steps required to make sure the site’s frequent visitors don’t miss a minute of the action.

So, what do you need to tap Casino Heroes on the go? An iPhone, iPad or Android device. You download the iOS app from the App store if you’ve got an iPad or iPhone, and while there is no app for Android products, just save the site as a shortcut and tap the icon to go directly to the casino. Done and done. Time to play!

Games and Providers

To paraphrase Dr. Seuss—sort of—Oh, the games you will play on the Casino Heroes site! The list is long. Included on the menu are The New (Extra Chilli; Legacy of Egypt; Fruitoids), The Popular (Book of the Dead; Gonzo’s Quest; Vikings go Berzerk) and Hero-focused games like House of Doom, Sweet Alchemy and Joker Strike.

Games with jackpots include Lady of Fortune, Mega Fortune and Divine Fortune. If you’re a traditionalist, take your pick of Roulette, Blackjack, Table Games and Video Poker or save your time, energy and ambitions for the Live Casino where anything goes.

The best videogame producers are represented on this site, so you always get top quality play time thanks to the clever minds at brands like Push Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Play ‘n Go, Quickspin, Yggdrasil, Playson and Microgaming. Casino Heroes prides itself on acquiring rights to the hottest games on the planet.

Deposits and withdrawals

It’s smart to read all of the legalese on the Casino Heroes website that details deposit and withdrawal parameters plus other playing regulations you should know, but if you haven’t time, here are a few basics:

Deposits may be made using your credit card, bank transfer or Neteller. You’ll be assigned minimum and maximum deposit levels, but those amounts are subject to change. You will be asked to verify your identity when depositing funds. It’s your obligation to notify Casino Heroes immediately by Email if you notice an account discrepancy.

Your initial deposit amount is ten (10) Euro, though Casino Heroes can authorize an increase. If Euro conversion fees apply, you are responsible for paying them. Future deposits “should commensurate with game play.” Casino Hero reserves the right to ask for additional credentials at any time.

Withdrawals may depend upon the laws of the market in which your account is registered. Funds are dispensed directly into your bank account or registered fiduciary account. You may not withdraw bonus monies or funds mistakenly credited to you.

All payouts are accompanied by thorough vetting, particularly if they exceed “the equivalent of 1000 Euro or cumulative withdrawals exceeding 2330 Euro.” Should you amass €20,000 or more Euros over a period of 30 days or less, Casino Heroes reserves the right to pay those funds in installments.

In accordance with laws governing Casino Heroes, any player can be banned, terminated or disqualified from receiving payout(s) if fraudulent activity, stolen or falsified bank or credit card numbers are found.

Getting Help

Whether you have a question about games or require help getting a grip on your gaming behaviour, count on Casino Heroes to come to your rescue with customer help promises you can take to the bank. These are a few of the ways we put customers first, so if you join the family, you’ll enjoy them, too:

-Customer service is happy to help you budget games and set comfortable limits.
-You can take play breaks and exclude yourself, then return when circumstances change.
-We post sites dedicated to helping players if they have trouble managing their gaming.
-Techies are on standby should you experience screen freezes or other issues.
-Communicate with casino staff on your terms, be that Email, SMS or neither.
-For your safety and protection, Casino Heroes uses the Know Your Customer verification system.
-Our routine audits ensure the sanctity of your account, your money and your security.

Casino Heroes – FAQ

1. When Was The Casino Founded?

The casino was founded some time ago so that people who needed to gamble online could have a lovely time playing games that they have grown familiar with. The casino is a great place to come for all the games that they have fallen in love with along with the new games that they might want to try.

2. How can I deposit to Casino Heroes?

Deposits on the site ar handled through a secure server, and they are very easy for people to make. There is no waiting period, and the customer can check their transactions on the website. They can see where they made money, how much money they made, and any withdrawals they made.

3. How do I withdraw from Casino Heroes?

The withdrawals that people make are very fast, and there is no waiting period for the customer. There are many people who worry about waiting for their money, but they do not need to do that when they are using Casino Heroes. The withdrawals are all secure, and they are used to help the customer to derive an income from site.

4. Which Games Do They Have?

The games on the site are very easy to find because they are broken up into categories. They are very simple to find because they are alphabetized. The player can use the search bar, or they can go into the catalog to search for the games on their own.

5. Does Casino Heroes Have An App?

Casino Heroes does have an app, and anyone can download it at any time. The customers can download the app, sign into their app, and get into their account. The players can play the games just as they would otherwise, and they will have every option to play these games with the touchscreen so that they can have the best possible time.

6. What bonuses does Casino Heroes has?

Bonuses at the casino start at $400 and 200 free spins. The players that come tot he site just for the bonus have an easy way of knowing how to make money because they get all these free plays. They could use this money as much as they need to improve, and they might want to use the spins to learn new games so that they can learn how to play the games better.

7. What free spins bonus does Casino Heroes have?

Free spins at the casino start at 200, but there are many people who will take more free spins when they get seasonal discounts. Someone who wants to get more free spins should have a look at the seasonal bonuses because they might get something that will make it possible for them to play for free for hours at a time.

8. What wagering requirement applies to bonuses?

Players must use all their bonus cash before it can be withdrawn, and the players get to keep any money they have won from their free spins. The players also have the option of turning their free spins into bonuse cash that they might use to play table games depending on their taste.

9. What is the terms & conditions of the bonus?

Terms and conditions on the site are no more complicated than the wagering requirements. Someone who is betting on the site does not need to worry about any extra rules that will surprise them.

10. What support options does Casino Heroes offer?

Customer care on the site will be helpful to everyone who calls, sends an email, and wants to use the live chat window. Someone who comes to the site for a quick question can use the live chat window, or they can call if they are local in New Zealand along with sending longform emails.

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