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Mr Green Online Casino have hundreds of games to choose from. The games include slots, poker, and other popular casino games.

About Mr Green

Mr. Green Casino originally started in 2008 in the Swedish market. Then in 2012, this company has expanded their online casino gaming business all across Europe. Mr. Green is owned by Mr. Green & CO AB. The casino website is owned and operated by the Malta based company LTD. The company holds many current operating licenses.

The casino character Mr. Green comes from a mysterious background, but holds himself to the highest standards. He does everything that abides by his morals and ethics. Mr. Casino believes in being a gentleman in any given situation.

When You Visit Mr Green

When the player visits the casino, they can expect the full entertainment of being at a high class casino strip. The casino has all the players dressed in their finest wear for a night on the town. Each of the players will see the lights of the casino strip lighting up the night sky, all with potential for the player to win big with their money.

Once the player chooses a casino to try their luck in, they will find the casino staff is polite, helpful, and will encourage the players to play the game of their dreams. Once the player finds a game they want to participate in, the staff of the casino will make sure the game runs smoothly, fairly, and fun. Each player will be able to feel the thrill of being in a real casino without having to deal with the crowded rooms, traffic jams, or extra costs of going out of the town.


Bonus & Promotions

There are many different bonus and promotions offered to the player throughout their time at the casino. When the player first starts playing at this casino, they are offered a Welcome bonus with Free Spins. Other bonuses are offered to a player if they log in so many times during the day. All games have their own bonus and promotions.

Most of the slot machine games offer a chance to win a bonus round in every game. The more money the player bets per line will increase the amount of winnings the player gets if they hit a winning line. Also, if the player hits a bonus round while they have are using a multiplier, the winnings of the bonus will be multiplied by that amount.

The casino offers many different promotions for their table games and slot games alike. The player has the option to view the promotions being offered for the day, click on the promotion they wish to take part in, and then wait to see if they won that specific promotion. Many different promotions offer a large amount of money for the winner.

Mobile Casino

The mobile casino is perfect for players with a busy schedule during the day and do not really have time to sit back and relax on their computer at home. The mobile casino application is offered for both apple and android phones. It is accessible to download through the play store feature on the phone. Once the casino application is downloaded to the phone, the player then will need to fill out some information to verify their identity, then access their account. The player will be able to access the slots or live casino anytime they want, no matter where they are throughout the year.

There is no monthly charge for the user to have the casino application on their phone. If anything in the casino is to cost the user any extra money, the application will inform the user for verifying the cost before they proceed with that specific activity. If the user does not want to participate in the activity that costs additional money, they can easily choose to decline and move on to another activity in the casino.

The mobile casino application is completely safe and secure for the user. It is protected with the latest anti-virus and malware. The mobile application is also guarded with the latest technology the market has to offer. In most cases if an update needs to happen on the application, your phone will do it automatically.

Live Casino

When the player logs in to the casino to play live, they can expect all the same excitement a real casino presents without having to leave their home. The live casino allows the player to walk down the casino strip and choose which casino they want to visit. Various different casinos hold different live games for the player to access.

The player will be able to join a table game along with others at anytime, as long as there is an opening. The live casino will allow the player to interact with other players and the casino host through the live chatroom in the game room. This is offered to give the player more of an option to interact with other players from around the world. If the player wins a hand on the table games, the winnings will automatically show in their account. Once the player is done with the live casino, they can exit out at any given time and continue to play other games as long as they want.


Once the player has a casino account established, they will have hundreds of games to choose from. The games include slots, poker, and other popular casino games. The slot machine games offer a variety of the player to choose from. Some of the slot machine games the player can choose from include medieval theme, adventure themed, romanced themed, and others with glittery gemstones. There is also slots based on popular movies such as Jurassic Park, The Terminator, Santa Paws, Excalibur, and Robin Hood.

The classic casino games offered to the player include American Roulette, High Roller Roulette, multi-player Roulette, European Roulette, Roulette, Blackjack pro series, Blackjack double exposure, Blackjack professional high roller, Blackjack VIP. The player will find there are virtual dealers in the game to except bets, deal out the cards, and to ensure each player has a turn.

Deposits and Withdrawals

When you are wanting to add more funds to your casino account, there are several different payment options to choose from. This casino game supports several different types of payment. The player has the option to add money with a debit or credit card. The game supports Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, and Maestro.

The player will have the option to refill money in their casino account with direct bank transfer. When the player makes a direct bank transfer from their checking account to their casino account, the funds will be available within 24 hours from the time of transfer.

The casino also accepts transfers from E-Wallet. The casino partners with several E-Wallet companies that will allow you to transfer the amount you want into your casino account. Transfers from E-Wallet to the casino account take a short amount of time to complete.

Another option the player has for refilling their casino account is the PaySafe card. The paysafe card is a prepaid debit card. The card is available for purchase at retailers across the country. Using this specific form of payment does not require the user to give out their personal banking or card information.

The Quick Cash option is available to those that are in a middle of a game and do not want to exit. Once the player clicks the quick cash button on the game, the cashier will charge your last form of payment used on file.

When the player decides to withdrawal money from their casino account, the money withdrawn is generally paid to the form of payment of file. However, if the form of payment that was last used is no longer available, the player can have the money put into their casino bank account which the player will have access to the funds. If the money is withdrawn through their casino bank account, a fee will apply. The money that is withdrawn from the casino account is available within 1 to 3 business days.

Getting Help

The customer service representatives will be able to help with any concerns the player may have about setting up an account, acceptable forms of payment, playing a game, and any technical difficulty the player experiences in the casino. Customer service is open 24 hours a day all year. The player can contact a customer service agent through email, by phone number, and with the live chat offered on the casino website.

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