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You will be greeted with a simple registration process that allows you to take advantage of the unique BONUS for new customers in NZ. Wishmaker offering over 1,000 featured games from some of the industry's top providers.

About Wishmaker Online Casino

The Wishmaker online casino welcomes players to their landing page by offering over 1,000 featured games from some of the industry’s top providers. Wishmaker online casino allows players to take their pick of real money virtual slot machines, table games, and other specialty casino games that are featured on the platform.

Players can register for an account in approximately 5 minutes and begin flying after making their first deposit. Wishmaker has built an outstanding reputation among its players, which is why I did survived in the casino industry for several years and developed into the outstanding platform that it has become.

When You Visit

When players visit the wish-maker online casino platform for the very first time, they will be greeted with a simple registration process that allows players to take advantage of the unique bonus for new customers only. This bonus offers up to 50 free spins and a match deposit featuring a 100% welcome bonus up to $200.

Players may wish to browse the wide collection of games by clicking the casino tab at the top of the Wishmaker casino website. Players will then be granted the opportunity to browse through five different categories of games that can be sorted by popularity, jackpots, live casino, favorites, and featured. There is no doubt that some of the highest quality slot machines and casino games are provided at Wishmaker casino. As soon as players make their first Deposit, they can begin choosing their favorite casino games and begin playing almost immediately.

Bonus and Promotions

Players can access the Wishmaker promotions Page by opening the navigation bar on the left side of the page and by clicking the promotions tab. Once the promotions page is opened, players can browse the various promotions and rewards that are awfully generous, and award customers for remaining loyal and joining the website. The welcome bonus is probably the most popular bonus among new customers as it provides a generous matched deposit and 50 free spins on a selective slot machine. There are also mini games featured on the promotions page that allow for customers to take advantage of other rewards programs and opportunities to bring cash back.

The Wishmaker online casino take a unique approach in providing users with a unique welcoming experience and still remaining generous with their promotions.

In the Mobile

Many of the games providers at Wishmaker online casino do offer mobile compatibility for their mobile device and tablets. Players should contact support for specific compatibility request and necessary requirements for each game offered on the platform. Players may also be interested in using a trial-and-error style method in order to determine which kind of games may be supported with mobile compatibility. Certain tablets may not be compatible with every single game but it seems like most smartphones are eligible play on the Wishmaker casino platform.

Players may need to use a specific type of browser in their mobile device in order to receive a connection to the wish-maker platform without receiving a technical difficulty. The popularity in Mobile Casino gaming has spiked in recent years and is one of the reasons that online casino platforms are making an effort to push towards the compatibility towards mobile devices and tablets. Wishmaker seems to be on that right path and slowly continues to make progress in the mobile industry as time continues to pass by.


The really astonishing thing about the Wishmaker online casinos that they have managed to piece together some of the most impressive online slot machines and table games at the industry has ever seen. These high-quality providers have been mixed and matched to provide over 1000 high quality games to customers and players that want to play on the Wishmaker casino.

Without a doubt, players will never run out of the games that they are looking for because there is an endless dictionary that players can browse through various genres and different types of casino games. There are old school slot machines and next-generation slot machines that blend together on the platform and provide a high-quality experience with the opportunities to win a big jackpot.

Players can also browse the live casino and take the opportunity to play a wide collection of Live casino games including several different variations of roulette and blackjack that changed the way the game is played an offer more chances to win! Players can also play the extremely popular Dreamcatcher wheel in an opportunity to try and win more money. The collection of Live casino games is extremely impressive and probably offers one of the best collections for Live casino gaming in the entire online casino industry. Player should definitely be tempted to sign up for an account at this casino with all of the high-quality providers that have committed to providing services for players at the site.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The Wishmaker online casino platform has focused on providing customers the opportunity to make a safe and secure deposit with a wide collection of methods. These methods include some of the most popular in the industry, featuring MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, Neteller, and wire transfer. players can also make withdrawal request with similar methods and usually get process within 3 to 5 business days.

In the event that there is an issue with a deposit or withdrawal request, players can reach out to the customer support and submit a form that details their issue. In most cases customer support has been outstanding at Wishmaker casino and usually players receive support within 48 Hours of making the request. Deposits and withdrawals can be tricky, which is why it is important to reassure players that the methods that are being used are safe and secure at all times. It seems that Wishmaker casino has taken precautions to ensure that all of these steps have been taken in order to provide a high-quality cashier experience.

Getting Help

The last but not least thing that we will talk about in regards to the wishmaker online casino platform is the fact that the customer support needs to be of the highest quality standards in order to assure players that is a safe and secure platform to bet on. The good news is that all things point to a good support system at the wish-maker casino. The site offers an FAQ section for players to refer to when there is an issue. Players can browse a various collection of categories that may detail their specific issue including technical, security, and account related issues.

If the frequently asked questions tab does not have enough information to assist with an issue, players can also reach out directly to customer support by visiting the Navigation bar in clicking the support tab on the left side of the page. Once players reach the support page, players can click the live chat customer support or contact us form at the bottom of the page in order to initiate a request. Once players make the request they will either be connected through live chat or required to fill out an email form that details there specific issue.

For the most part it seems like they have established a remarkable reputation when it comes to providing customer support to their players, and they have four hours of consistent support per day through their live chat system. Support requests can take longer through the holidays with this can be expected with most Casino platforms.

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