How to Use the Bonus Buy and Replay Features by Pragmatic Play?

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Bonus Buy and Replay Features

In the world of online slots, there are some extraordinary features like Bonus Buy and Replay from Pragmatic Play. The provider has established itself as one of the best innovators in the field. These features can make the whole gaming much easier.

The opportunity to buy the free spins bonus is unprecedented in the iGaming world. You can save both time and effort by using the new features by Pragmatic Play to enhance the gaming thrill. If you wish to know more about these features, read on for the juicy details!

Pragmatic Play raises players’ engagement

Pragmatic Play is already one of the best providers of online slots in the field. One of the reasons for their great success is in the engagement tools applied to their games. Over the years, the provider tried numerous distinctive solutions to make players happy.

From using the specific slot grid layouts with 5×4 or even 5×5, the provider brought something new. Also, some of the beneficial aspects of their games are the game mechanics. Games with tumble wins and Megaways™ surely raise the activity of players.

Moreover, Pragmatic Play used the Hold & Win mechanics and most of their bonuses come with high win potential. With all these aspects in mind, it’s clear that the provider was preparing the turf for new additions.

Now, you can buy the free spins bonus round or re-watch your favorite wins by using the replay feature. To give you the best advice on how to use these bonuses, we will cover the usage of these features in detail!

How does the Bonus Buy feature work?

The Bonus Buy feature is one of the best options you can have for online slots. When you sense that the game is getting volatile, you can reduce the waiting period and buy the bonus instead.

Not all of the Pragmatic Play games come with this option, but those that do fit under the most popular games in 2021. So, it is easy to find and recognize the games that come with this feature. To use it, just look for the Buy Bonus designation on the left of the grid.

It is usually easily recognizable and you will instantly spot the button for this option upon entering the slot. It takes x100 of your stake to activate the bonus, and once you do, the free spins round becomes active.

It is surely exciting to see what happens next; the scatter symbols fall in in the next spin upon the bonus buy. Most of the free spins casinos in NZ offer the portfolio of Pragmatic’s bonus buy games. We will go over the most exciting games with this feature to enable you the easier game handling.

Games you can use the Bonus Buy Feature on

You can use the Bonus Buy feature only on the games where the option is designated and visible in the game layout. Although not all of the Pragmatic Play slots come with this option, there are multiple slots with this type of bonus trigger.

Here are the most popular Bonus Buy games from Pragmatic Play in 2021:

  • Madame Destiny
  • Power of Thor Megaways
  • Gems Bonanza
  • Sweet Bonanza
  • Juicy Fruits
  • Fruit Party
  • Release the Kraken
  • 5 Lions Megaways
  • Safari Gold Megaways

Also, other games offer the feature that is not included in this list. Most of the games are designed by Pragmatic Play, but other providers also started using such a feature. In essence, you can use the Bonus Buy on all of these games to shorten the time of waiting for the in-game bonus.

What to Avoid when using the Bonus Buys?

Although the Bonus Buy feature makes things much easier when it comes to getting the bonus, it can still be an unprofitable option. Only the players with maximum self-control should use this option as it’s somewhat easy to repeatedly use it.

You don’t want to drain your balance by buying bonuses for the total amount of your bankroll. So, it’s always best to only buy the bonuses when you can afford to lose the trigger amount. After all, x100 of your stake is not a small portion of the bankroll.

The Pragmatic Replay feature

Another impressive addition to the list of Pragmatic’s players’ engagement tools is the Pragmatic Replay feature. This option is quite convenient for those that miss the chance to fully realize their wins. As the instant sensations can set your focus on the win amount, you can use this option.

There is an available replay option for most of the Pragmatic Play slots in 2021. Just navigate through the upper-right corner of the game layout and press the replay button. You will get a selection of your previous big wins to select the one to re-watch.

It can be a good idea to visit this section and choose the winnings which you would like to save. With this feature, you can constantly re-witness some of your greatest winnings in the previous spins.

Just like online casinos offer free spins no deposit to raise the site activity, Pragmatic Play uses these features. Thanks to the Bonus Buy feature and Pragmatic Replay, the whole online slot experience changes.

Luckily, you can use both of these features on the listed games and many other titles released by Pragmatic Play!

Pragmatic Play features – Final Verdict

Having the option to buy the free spins bonus or re-watch some of your best wins is priceless in the world of online slots. These innovative features were first introduced by Pragmatic Play and you can browse their games selection to use them.

Nevertheless, there are limits to both of these features. Ultimately, the bonus buy isn’t the best option to go with unless you are in steady profit from the game. While in a losing streak, it becomes a risky option that could lead up to losing another x100 of the stake.

Still, it’s sometimes beneficial and surely is fun to use it when you have some extra cash in the balance.