About VIP Lounge at GATE777 Online Casino

GATE777 VIP Lounge is a membership level that allows players to experience high-class experience. The VIP Lounge is more than just about gaming. Rather, it is about the experience; how clients are treated and the level of promotions, bonus, offers, and other benefits. GATE777 casino has three VIP lounge levels. These include VIP Silver, VIP Gold, and VIP Platinum.

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How to Become a VIP Member

Becoming a VIP-member at GATE777 online casino is pretty easy. Firstly, you need to email the casino at [email protected] Thereafter, you will receive an email inviting you join their VIP lounge. Therefore, applicants are advised to be on the lookout for an individualized mail from the casino.

Gamers who are VIP members at other casinos have an added advantage when it comes to joining GATE777 VIP lounge. The casino recommends such players to first open an account with the casino. Next, these gamblers should make their first deposit before contacting the casino on the provided email.

Benefits of being a VIP Member

Being a VIP member at GATE777 has numerous advantages. Firstly, members get bigger welcome bonuses than regular subscribers. Additionally, if you join the VIP lounge at this casino, you earn yourself a free ticket to huge offers and promos. Also, all VIP members gain a 24/7 access to the support team that is specially meant to deal with VIP members.

Another major perk of joining the VIP lounge is getting a dedicated account manager. If you are VIP member at the GATE777 casino, you greatly benefit from having an account manager who can teach you a tricks and tips to be a better player. In addition, as a VIP member, your withdrawal limit is raised. Therefore, you can withdraw more money, at any given time, than a regular member would. Additionally, as a VIP member, the casino gives you birthday surprises and holiday gifts as a way of showing their appreciation. Finally, VIP members get cash back deals on their losses. This strategy is to help learning gamblers enjoy playing without losing excessive amounts of cash.

Difference between VIP Silver, VIP Gold, VIP Platinum

The main difference between these three VIP levels is the number of perks. For example, the VIP Silver level has four benefits whereas both Gold and Platinum have seven. Perks included in the VIP silver level includes; a generous welcome bonus, higher offers and promotions, 24/7 access to the support team, and birthday and holiday gifts and surprises. On the other hand, VIP Gold and VIP Platinum include the benefits of VIP Silver, although these benefits upgrade as you go up the levels. The Gold and Platinum levels has three additional benefits including, increased withdrawal limits, dedicated account manager, and cash back deals on losses.

The main difference between VIP Gold and VIP Platinum is the advancement of gifts and benefits. While VIP Gold has higher benefits that VIP Silver, VIP Platinum has the highest benefits.

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