Poker Games for Online Play – Best Variants

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If you are a lover of Poker variations, did you ever wonder which Poker games are available for online play? If so, then you have come to the right place as we will now uncover all the main online Poker types!

Poker Games for Online Play

In 2021, the online casinos with various types of casino games in offer usually offer at least a few Poker types. It’s because of the broad popularity of the games in the iGaming sphere; every site has at least a few Poker lovers.

So, to avoid wasting your time, let’s get into it and describe the Poker games for online play!

Benefits of Online Poker

Online Poker is often underestimated by online true Poker lovers. It’s probably because the game is set to be a standard live-dealing casino game. With the evolution of online casinos, the Poker variants steadily started showing up on the sites.

From virtual Poker to video Poker and live variants, you get a wide range of options for online play. For instance, video Poker will provide you with a quick round of Poker with no need for other players.

The game round also takes place swiftly and the results are visible in a few minutes upon the start of the round. There is no waiting for the free seat at the table and other issues with regular live Poker.

Still, we are not here today to discuss video Poker alone, but the other live versions as well. We will bring you all the remaining benefits of playing online Poker in a glimpse!

Best Versions of Poker for Online Play

Considering the fast-paced evolution of online casinos, the available variants of online Poker is satisfying as it is. In the early days of online casinos, the only available variants of online Poker were Texas Hold’em and Video Poker.

Nevertheless, nowadays we have many more online Poker variants available:

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Three Card Poker
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Omaha Hi-Lo
  • Short deck Poker

Every variant attracts a distinctive set of players, depending on the rules and game options. Since not all of the games are generally eligible for online play, the choice is even tougher. Some Poker variants are exclusively meant for table play at land-based casinos.

Even so, the online variations make the gap between real life and online Poker seem a bit smaller.

Online Texas Hold’em

Most online players instantly think of the Texas Hold’em when someone mentions online Poker. The game is among the first live casino games to ever become optimized for online play. Therefore, it has a vast order of loyal players.

As online gaming is usually associated with slots and games with free spins bonus rounds, Texas Hold’em proves otherwise. Online Poker is for everyone to try as you could be surprised with the outcome. When it comes to this type exclusively, players can learn about the turn, the flop, and the river.

The deals play a significant role in Texas Hold’em, making the game even more exciting. Players have the options to call, raise or fold just like in any regular round of the game!

About the Online Three Card Poker

Players with no specific experience with Poker games can go with the Three Card Poker for online play. This type of online Poker is simple, yet engaging to master and play on the NZ casino sites. First, the ante bet is set and the play bet is set separately.

After deciding on whether to play or fold, the players are exclusively against the dealer. The same Poker value terms apply to the cards and the one with better cards wins the pot. It’s somewhat beneficial that you only play against the dealer in this type.

This makes it much easier to learn and master before deciding to test one of the more complex online Poker variants.

Caribbean Stud Poker

When it comes to Caribbean Stud Poker, the rules are slightly different when compared to regular Poker. Although the card hand values are calculated accordingly to the round of Texas Hold’em, not everything is the same.

The player will be against the dealer in the online variant of Caribbean Stud Poker. After placing the ante bet, players are waiting for the dealer to respond. Namely, if the dealer does not have the face value card, the round ends and the next one takes place.

The dynamic setup makes Caribbean Stud Poker even better online Poker variant for play at casino sites.

The Omaha Hi-Lo for Online Players

When it comes to complex online Poker games, the Omaha Hi-Lo is the one to go with. It includes every necessary aspect for the round of online Poker to be impressive.

This exotic variant of online Poker is included in the list to bring some change to the everyday online Poker routine. Luckily for players that enjoy trying something new, the Omaha Hi-Lo is available at online casinos in NZ.

The goal of the game is to achieve either the highest or the lowest Poker hand among the players. The pot is then divided by the two players with the highest and the lowest hand value. Still, for the player with the lowest hand value to win the pot prize, the hand must consist of cards valued at 8 and lower.

More info on the Short Deck online Poker

The Short Deck online Poker is an exciting variant that excludes the cards valued from 2 to 5. With only 36 cards left in the deck, the Short Deck Poker is a superb installment for online players.

The hand rankings are also slightly different from the traditional payouts. For instance, in the Short Deck Poker, the flushes beat the full house. It’s, therefore, crucial to get to know all the rules before placing any online bets.

The Finishing Touch

If you are an online player, then you should improve your selection of preferred online games. Poker variations for online play may not be as exciting as their land-based casino relatives. Still, they provide more than pleasurable gameplay.

With all the mentioned online Poker types, we sure hope to help you out with the choice of the best Poker games for online play.