8 Proper Casino Etiquettes When Visiting A Land-Based Casino

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Gamblers that are used to playing games all day and all night from the comfort of their own home and possibly in their pajamas may not have a full grasp on how things work when visiting a land based casino. This little guide will hopefully give them a few ideas on casino etiquette when vising a brick and mortar casino.

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1. Dress The Part

Players should wear something appropriate. It doesn’t have to be the most fanciest outfit. Players should just wear something semi-formal that proves they are aware that they are not still sitting home on the couch while they’re playing.

2. Be Nice

Players should keep in mind that whether they are losing or winning, the casino is a public place and other people are there to have fun as well. There are other people feeling the heat from losing or feeling the streak of winning. No one needs to spoil anyone else’s experience because of how their day is going. Players should keep a cool demeanor whether winning or loosing. No loud outbursts and disruptions are necessary. Players that know they don’t handle losing well should make a proper budget for themselves before going in the casino to reduce the amount of stress they face if they wind up losing.

3. Watch A Few Rounds Before Joining In

An appropriate move for players considering a table game is to watch a couple hands get played first before joining the table. Waiting and watching will let players see basic rules and already have their own strategy before interrupting a game. Players can take that time to see the speed of the game and get answers to questions they won’t have to ask once they sit down such as minimum and maximum betting amounts. The smoother the new player makes their transition onto the table the better.

4. Ask To Be Able To Join

New players are probably not too sure what games they want to play. When they do finally pick a table it is nice for them to ask if they can join. Once players become a part of the table it is a good idea to take a break every now and then to avoid mental fatigue and to remain in good control of the gambling.All players should be aware that inappropriate behavior can get them dismissed from the property. That can be quite embarrassing, so it’s best for newbies to take heed to proper etiquette. Now that players have an idea of how to conduct themselves when they arrive, they can read on to find out some of the general dos and don’ts of gaming at the casino:

5. Don’t Join Tables If There’s No Intention To Play

Players that only plan to watch should not join tables until they are ready to play. If a player is being supported by someone, the support person should stand behind the table. Seats are for players only. Players that aren’t sure if they’re ready should take a few more hands of online play before they go to a land based casino.

6. Don’t Hand The Dealer Your Money

Dealers are not allowed to directly handle chips or money. Players should keep chips on the table as well as any money that they are paying out. That’s the only way the dealer can accept them. Also players should stick to the amount they plan to play and don’t change their mind about the chips. They can be cashed out later.

7. Don’t Converse With The Dealer

Players should keep in mind, dealers are not there to train them. A couple of questions are okay, but players should have respect for the other players that are focusing on their strategies while at the table. Players should keep the game flow going with minimal interruptions. If a player finds themselves asking questions between hands it’s probably a good gesture to tip the dealer for the services rendered while the player was sitting at the table.

8. Don’t Use Cell Phone At The Table

Players should know that cell phone use during game play is unethical. It is a distraction and rude to other players. The majority of croupiers will ask players to turn off their phones during gameplay. If a player must take a call they should step away from the table in between hands.Players may feel like they are the only newcomers in the room. They should know there are tons of new players all day every day having this experience just as they are. Understanding the ground rules will make any player, new or old fit in right away. Players can watch how others conduct themselves positively in the casino and they will stay on the right track.

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