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Gambling superstitions exist since the beginning of time. Many of these beliefs suit best when whispered while others are functional when said aloud. Gambling is a game embraced since the start of time. The world has very rich gamblers who believe in many of the superstitions which help them to become successful.

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The ritual’s purpose to change the perception of the gambler’s mind to attract good luck. Many of these gamblers possess some of ritual artifacts that they believe are the cause of their good luck like holding to some clothing, and other symbols. Many of these rituals occur ahead of the game while others thought to function in the middle of the game. The following are some of the perceptions believed to hold luck;

• Walk with a Partner Who Holds Luck

Gamblers believe in walking with a person who can motivate them to win not who discourage them during the game. Someone who always win in a game can have possibilities to appease the gambling gods rather than a limb of a particular dead animal. Some other gamblers bring with them cheer girls to shout when gambling.

• Walking Away

Other players believe that standing while gambling can bring luck. Other people have it in mind that walking away during the game or looking away can change their chances of winning. On the other hand, others believe when you do any of that behavior can bring bad luck. Whichever side the gambler is as long as it works for them, they should continue to use the trick.

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• Using Lucky Numbers and Colors

People play the lottery with some certain number in mind. For instance, number seven is a number believed to hold luck. Especially in China the number four is a number with bad luck. The Chinese gamblers associate four with death or losing. Also, colors are determinants on when one can win. Many people believe in wearing red clothing to attract luck. When one does not want the red outfit, they can wear red underwear.

• Closing Your Legs

For a long time, people believe that crossing fingers is a sign of summoning good luck. On the other hand, crossing legs is a different case. Gamblers think that closing the legs during the game closes out good luck. Therefore, for one who has the perception of a good luck around keeping a straight back and open pelvis, they should open their legs wide during the game.

• Counting Your Money During the Game

For many people, their luck hangs around the saying that pride comes before a fall. Keeping the money in the pocket while gambling will keep away evil wishes from the other competitors. The less one knows the amount of money one has in the pocket will keep up the spirit of vigor and energy.

• Using the Front Entrance

Using the front door get associated with bad luck. When one enters the casino through the front door, one can meet up with people who possibly lost the game on their way out rubbing the losing odds against the oncoming gambler. Some other angry players who failed in their game can shout words of suffering on their way out employing an evil spirit already hence lousy luck.

• Dress Neatly

A gambler will attract good luck by dressing smartly when going to the casino. The elegant appearance people believe appeases the gambling gods hence acting in the gambler’s favor. Also, wearing extra clothes to keep warm enhances skin complexion and can also work favorably.

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• Having Sex Before the Real Game

Players have in mind that one cannot get lucky with both having love and getting lucky at the casino. Therefore, one has to forego one of the two, which has to be making love immediately before going to the casino.

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