The Best Christmas Themed Slots

July 3, 2020 Posted in News by No Comments

Everyone loves Christmas.

It’s simply the best time of the year.

Even if you dont love it that much, you certainly can’t deny that it really brings the spirit around the world with it.

But, what happens when you combine it with the gambling universe?

Is it a hit or a complete miss?

Well, these casino slot games can help you discover the answer to that question.

Here are some of the best Christmas-themed slot games that can prove to you that this time of the year is the best one! 

Secrets of Christmas (NetEnt)

What’s better than a good old traditional slot game that can tickle some of your nostalgia?

Secrets of Christmas will od exactly that, even if you dont ask for it.

The famous NetEnt had once again, did a great job with yet another one of their slot games.

Packed with bells, red ribbons, cookies, and milk, this game is the real deal!

As for any other good Christmas game, you et to receive gifts, free spins, and other bonus features that you will discover along the way.

And the best part is their RTP; it’s more than 96% and it’s going up.

So, it really feels like Christmas with this slot game.

Even if it’s not wintering yet.

secrets of christmas slot game

Santa’s Wild Ride (Microgaming)

How would it feel if you swapped the traditional Santa with a rebellious one?

One on a motorcycle, with a wild mindset adn lots of presents to deliver?

Well, as the name itself suggests, Santa’s Wild Ride can really be a rebel once in a while.

And the reels have delicious snacks like gingerbread jam cookies and a rich sandwich that can make you kinds hungry in the process as well.

But, nothing will make you more hungry than the free spins and the bonus features that this game offers.

After all, who doesn’t love gifts, even if it’s still not Christmas? 

santa's wild ride slot game

Santa Paws (Microgaming)

The arctic animals that are Santa’s sidekicks in the meantime are the center of the world in this slot game.

Santa Paws is all about the background of the Christmas spirit.

Except that Santa isn’t really Santa; he is a polar bear.

The theme of this slot game is icey and winter-y, adn the graphics and red noses are everything you have ever needed.

There are lots of multipliers and free spins that can really make this game one of the best out there!

santa paws slot game

Whether you have already heard of these games or you’re yet to discover them, be sure that you will enjoy them.

Whether you love the graphics, the playlist, or the actual money that you can win off of them.

They certainly are a big hit. I dont think that you will go wrong by trying them.

You might even enjoy it, you just dont know that yet!