Casumo Casino Player Wins Mega Drop Jackpot

May 9, 2019 Posted in News by No Comments

Online games are known to have a considerable amount of returns with ever spin or bet that one places, but winning the biggest jackpot in the game is not often something that is seen. This becomes a reality for one football fan who won big at the Wealth at Casumo online game.

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The winning amount was NZ$184,614.40, which is a considerable amount considering the initial buy-in that the winner had to pay. The win gained this football fan an incredible amount of attention, and several media and news outlets started to contact him to get his statement on the win.

In a recent interview, the winner stated that he was at home watching the Europa League Quater Finals. He was completely taken aback by the news and saw this as a dream come true. In the statement, he said that he was hoping to win the Daily Drop, which would still give him a considerable amount to consider a win. However, the Mega Drop Jackpot was not what he was expecting. The winner stated that he could not believe the fact that he had won the biggest amount that he possibly could in this game, and was still trying to wrap his head around the fact that something like this had happened.

In an interview with, he outlined the fact that he was no stranger to playing games that the company had put out. He has won several times in the past, but never something as big as the Mega Drop Jackpot that he had just won. This was indeed one of the biggest things that he had encountered during the course of his life.

So what’s next for the winner? In the interview, he stated that he has a list of things that he plans to do with the money that he has got from the win One of the first things that he plans to do is use the money towards getting a new home for him and his family. He also aims to get a new car soon after. Vacationing is definitely something that he has been considering for a while, and the Mega Drop will allow him to take his parents on a vacation, as well as a camping trip under the beautiful Northern Lights.

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