How Did Dan Bilzerian, the Poker Influencer, Got Rich by Playing Lucky Games?

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There always comes a time when the news says that some lucky man or a woman broke the record or simply won a lot of money in only one night.

He became a millionaire.

dan bilzerian in a hotel hall being surronded by girls in short dresses walking


If you know how to play or are simply lucky, the chances are very high that sometimes in your life, you will win big just like them.

Some of the world-famous casino winners are Fedor Holz, Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu.

Well, one of them is the world-famous Dan Bilzerian.

A high-stakes pro that’s also, as some of them call him, the new Hugh Hefner who’s living the glamorous playboy life.


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Early life

Born in Tampa, Florida, USA on December 7, 1980, Dan Brandon Bilzerian originates from a high-class family.

His father, who is a famous American businessman is of Armenian decency who previously worked on Wall Street as a corporate raider.

His younger brother, Adam, is also a famous poker player but he is nowhere close to Dan who made a revolution. 

In 2000 he wanted to join the Navy but after a few tries, he didn’t make it and that’s how that wish faded away as well.

Poker rise

There are speculations as to how did he actually become rich.

Some people say that he inherited his money from his father.

But the majority on the Internet claims that he won it by playing poker in casinos.

While he was in university, his brother taught him how to play poker but he got broke really fast because he didn’t know how to play.

But things started to change. 

In 2007, the photographer saw him wearing a suitcase full of cash (he won that just by playing poker).

That’s how he first got in the eye of the media and the rest is history.

There is not a single man on earth that doesn’t know about Dan Bilzerian, some of them even strive to become like him.

One of his official jobs is a professional poker player.

With a net worth of 200 million dollars, it understandable how did he become rich out of nowhere.

On one occasion, he said that in 2014 he got $54 million from one round of poker.

He also claims that his life is not about ego, it’s about a big fat bank account.

That’s the spirit every poker player should have.

dan bilzerian playing poker on a poker table with poker chips near him


Now, he hosts private poker party plays and competes with celebrities like Tobey McGuire.

I gotta say, he is pretty well known for his aggressive style of playing.

Dan Bilzerian is “an Instagram King” as some like to call him.

He is in polygamous relationships with models, influencers and playboy starlets.

Always in the tabloids because he has a scandalous personality and simply can’t help it.

But you can’t help but admire him just a little bit, right?

His most successful field at the moment is Ignite International Brands where he is the CEO.

This brand also cofounded Cannabis Co., a weed farm that sells vaping products.

the logo of ignite with white background, black letters and goat's head

“My greatest fear is that someone will break in & I won’t be able to decide what gun to shoot them with.”


He is living his best life by playing poker and winning.

He never misses the chance to say that he would be nowhere without poker.

As he claims,  ‘it’s a life-changer’ and everyone should started doing it.

Who knows, maybe you’re the next one to win a lot of money by playing the luck-based games Dan does.