Gambling in the Ancient World

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Gambling and casino is a really old activity, even since ancient times.

People were loving it and we’re playing on a daily basis and that’s how it got popular.

Ever since then. And let me tell you something, it still is as famous as it was before.

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The ancient nations were very keen on these kinds of games.

From China to Egypt and Greece, people were crazy about gambling.

Even today, they still are.

Whether the people were losing or winning, they never gave up.

Our ancestors loved adrenaline rushing through their veins and they enjoyed the excitement. 

Even since forever, there have been all kinds of board games and card games.

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People thought that it would be an awesome opportunity to hang out and so they created it.

Gambling as an activity was practiced almost everywhere, and the people enjoyed it very much.

There were all kinds of gambling tools as well; cards, dice cubes, and even board games.

Even the royals were known to switch on to a board game round or two once in a while.

That’s how the famous board game chess was invented, and so many others as well. 

The oldest civilizations that practiced this were Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Even the historians that work with these civilizations know this.

They even confirmed it.

ancient egyptian royals playing board game

There have been all kinds of hieroglyphs and other drawings on the ancient walls, where people were playing chess and other board games.

Here, the famous rolling dice was invented.

But, it had four sides instead of six and it was called Astragali.

Or knucklebones, in other words. 

In China, gambling was very popular among the royals.

The female queens and other noblewomen were constantly playing cards.

They let the kids hang out with their nannies while doing so.

Even though the luck games in China were strictly controlled, it didn’t stop them from having a little fun.

The dynasty that started with these games was the Xia dynasty and their reign.

The Ancient Chinese people also invented the famous dominos game that everyone nowadays is familiar with.

But, this doesn’t mean that the poorer people that weren’t royals weren’t practicing this as well.

ancient chinese men playing a board game

They also had a thing for gambling and a little excitement.

Even though they weren’t gambling with big money, they still had lots of fun and were truly enjoying this.

After all, all they were seeking was a little bit of joy in the world, even if it was for only a moment. 


History has its moments, and those are good ones too.

Whether we are talking about Egypt, Mesopotamia or China, the joy and will for gambling was the same.

These ancient nations lived for adrenaline rush and living a bit on the edge.

And you know what?

I don’t blame them! 

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