Gaming Innovation Group happy to open new Slotbox Casino

May 24, 2021 Posted in News by No Comments

After a long waiting period following the initial agreement, Gaming Innovation Group finally supplies the new Slotbox Casino! As a domestic online casino operator, Coastline Gaming made a deal with GIG to support its new casino.

Gaming Innovation Group

After an unfortunate pending time where the deal was stalled in 2020, we finally get a closure of the deal! Local players will finally be able to gain access to premium slot content on the recently-formed casino site.

Join us on the road to uncover the deal details and keep reading for additional exciting facts!

Gaming Innovation Group sets a milestone

Gaming Innovation Group has been in the business for years now, and the experience is much-needed for Slotbox Casino. Namely, Coastline Gaming starts its first project of this kind with Slotbox Casino and quality games are needed.

Luckily, the Gaming Innovation Group is just the one to call when it comes to quality iGaming solutions. As the Group already supplies major worldwide free spins casinos with incredible content, Slotbox Casino is another challenge.

Not only will Gaming Innovation Group provide the new Slotbox Casino with gaming solutions, but it will do much more. As stated previously regarding the deal, Coastline Gaming hopes GIG can make a difference for the new site.

Therefore, a variety of premium players’ engagement tools will be included in the process. Moreover, the loyalty system will also be a part of this deal and Slotbox Casino players can look forward to it.

Main details of the content supply for Slotbox

In all honesty, Coastline Gaming probably counts on GIG’s experience in the business above anything else. It’s a good choice and a chance for Gaming Innovation Group to step up in Ireland’s gambling scene.

Should the deal result in success and satisfaction of the Slotbox Casino players, the more it will mean to GIG. It’s a perfect way to promote the services here by the group on a new market where assistance is in need.

Gaming Innovation Group will surely cope with all the disadvantages that a specific online market holds. Previously, the Coastline Gaming group had the chance to operate 8 land-based casino venues in Ireland.

This experience will certainly prove to be helpful, but the true effort is in need of Gaming Innovation Group. Players that visit the newly-formed casino site should be able to collect loyalty points on each game.

This type of approach should attract more players as points are going to both to winners and the losers. It’s a perfect method of operating an online casino since all players have something to hope for.

Even after a losing session, GIG’s efforts won’t go unnoticed by the players. The Dual-registration program also adds up to the overall appeal of the platform managed by Gaming Innovation Group.

Besides, the payment systems and a full back-end solution included in the platform will surely satisfy Coastline Gaming. Players visiting the new Slotbox Casino site will have a lot to look forward to, including no deposit free spins and similar offers.