Is There A Prime Time to Play Online Slots?

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Avid slot playing is a land of many myths. Many players believe that there is a way to read a slot machine, whether physical or digital, to determine when it might yield a good payout. An example of this would be hitting the slots on a Sunday after many players have gambled on Saturday. The idea being that the slots have been primed to give good payouts.  

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Many gamblers say that there are certain times of day that are the best times to play online slots. The slots have been primed from previous play and are hot. Either that or they are designed to yield better payouts at certain times. Practical thinkers say that there is no right or wrong time of day. Slot machines are randomly generated and hold to no time frame. A win is a stroke of luck no matter what the hour.

So what is the answer? Is there really a certain time of day where playing online slots yields more payouts? In answering the question one has to take into account three things: the RTP, jackpot height, and the latest jackpot win.


The return to player estimates the amount of money a player will get back for every dollar they spin. This amount is factored on an average. Some slots have higher RTP than others and will give players a higher payout. RTP is reached by factoring the number of winning combinations with their accumulated payouts and the odds a player has of getting them. The strongest argument against prime time play is that RTP never resets. It is the same at any given time of day. This means that players have the same chances no matter what the hour.

Jackpot Height

Jackpot Height wins the argument more for prime time play but approaches the subject from a more practical position. Instead of looking for a certain time of day, players need to look for slots with high jackpots. The chances of winning are still random but the payout is significant. Additionally, if a jackpot reaches a higher-than-normal amount it is a good indicator that it will drop soon. This places the odds just a bit more in a player’s favor.

Jackpot Length

Another strategic move that places odds in player favor is playing a slot that has not paid out in a while. After all, a slot machine has to pay at some point and the longer it goes without hitting a jackpot the more likely it will come on the next spin. Once again the prime time is not a particular time of day but a certain condition of the slot itself. Still, despite the randomness of winning, a payout is more likely to happen.

Other Strategies

In looking at RTP, jackpot height, and jackpot length one can see that winning is random but chances can improve depending on the use of strategy. It may not help the chances of actually walking away with a jackpot, but waiting for certain instances can level the playing field a little more. Additional strategies are playing on a budget and playing in a good mood.

Playing on a budget is a safe way to gamble that will not clean players out. It allows a player to bet what they can afford and have a stopping point as well. Remember, slots are addictive and if certain steps are not taken to curb gambling a player can get carried away.

As for playing in a good mood, it is never wise for a player to become too emotionally invested. So remember, the best time to play is always up to the player. If you want to use strategy to gain an advantage that can work in your favor, but the best time is always when you have the budget to afford it.

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