Jackpot City Rolls Out Big Rewards With Loyalty Program

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If you are someone who loves taking risks and trying your luck at casino games, online casinos can definitely provide you with a number of enticing benefits. One particular casino that is known for having abundant cash prizes and abundant features is Jackpot City. The site is known for being one of the best casinos on the internet and sees a massive global audience of players who all want to try their luck at the games here.

Jackpot City

  • NZ$1600 in Bonus
  • A wide range of games
  • A leading online casino globally

The Jackpot City loyalty program, in particular, is something that appears to be an excellent deal for those who want to win big. The loyalty program is designed for those who want a good deal when they sign up, and who want to receive a range of benefits from it.

Sign Up Bonus

One of the reasons why first time players love Jackpot City is the sign-up bonus that it offers. Players are always wary of the sites that they are playing on, especially if they plan to put money into it. Being cautious on the internet is always a good practice, which is why Jackpot City wanted to give their players the affirmation that theirs is a site that they can depend on. With this intention in mind, the site decided that they would offer a $1600 Casino bonus to all new players who want to try out the site. This is an exorbitant amount compared to what regular online casinos tend to give and is a great way to start playing some of the games on Jackpot City.

The Loyalty Program

Most players tend to stay on one site when playing online, which is why Jackpot City decided to reward those who are faithful to them and who invest in the site and the games. For this purpose, the site implemented a loyalty program, which is considered to be one of the best ones available online. The program works on a ladder or ranking based system. The more time you spend on the site and the more money that you put into it equates to an increase in rank. As one climbs through the ranks, they can avail of certain benefits and bonuses on the site. The bonuses are reason enough for regular players to climb up the ranks and earn more points.

When you look at loyalty programs on most online gaming sites, you will notice that most of them require a separate registration, often coupled with a membership fee. This means that someone would have to pay an entirely separate amount to even be part of the ladder or ranking system in the first place. Jackpot City is one of the few sites that work in a slightly different manner. The rankings are open to anyone who simply signs up on the site. This means that all players are eligible to climb up the ranking system and experience its benefits.

The Point System

The rankings within the loyalty program are based on a point system. When a person uses a certain amount of real money on the wide range of games at Jackpot City, they receive a certain amount of loyalty points. At 200 points, one can start to receive some of the benefits associated with it. There are six tiers in the ranking system, each with their own percentage of bonuses that one can get when they play.

Tracking the points that one has earned is incredibly easy. Jackpot City is known for having an incredibly user-friendly interface that is easy to use and maneuver around. The homepage of the website itself tells you how many points you have accumulated, and how many are left to reach the next tier within the ranking system.

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