Mr Green Turning 10 Years Old

March 20, 2018 Posted in News by No Comments

March 2018, the third month of an exciting 10 year anniversary event by Mr. Green. This event provides a free gold bar at the beginning of every game, 200 free spins for leaderboard winners, luxury cars, free holidays, and so much more! The event began in February and continues into late March but it is not the first or the last big event to happen here. Players have the opportunity to win grand prizes currently exceeding over 2 million.


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1kg Gold Bar

More exciting yet, the featured event of march is a code crack. Every day players will get a chance to login to the Mr. Green game and try to crack the code on Mr. Green’s treasure vault. All you have to do is play, and every 100 plays will assign you a code piece, once your code is complete you will be entered into the contest. A master code will be randomly generated by Mr. Green and the holder of the matching code wins! The player who successfully cracks the vault’s code will get a full 1kg Gold Bar delivered to their doorstep complete with certificate of authenticity. You can also choose 80% cash equivalent instead and take home 500 USD if a novelty item with an ever-changing market value is not interesting enough.

What is Mr. Green?

Mr. Green is an award-winning online based casino also available on both Apple and Android platforms. Mr. Green has all your favorite and classic casino games such as slots, multi-million dollar jackpots, blackjack, roulette, and so much more! This 10-year-old casino has won Best Game Award from 2013 – 2017 for 5 years straight.

Mr. Green works with and accepts real cash payments offering real cash payouts, hence why you can win amazing real-life prizes. This is a legitimate casino but from the comforts of your own home or cell phone.

Live Betting

Aside from your regular casino functions, another great opportunity here is live betting. You can play in a live casino doing regular casino games with other players in real time, or take another step farther and place your bets on the books of sporting events worldwide for a cash payout.

How To Join

There are a few tips to getting a head start into the famous casino. Online registration is easy and the casino offers a whopping 200 free spins with cash payout after your first 20$ you put into your gambling experience. Shockingly the free money opportunities do not end there. Even current or veteran users of the casino can still get free rolls, spins, and more promotions being offered every day with the promotions page provided on the Mr. Green website.

Mr. Green also provides what we call protection caps. Meaning you can rest assured if you lose big you will still have a little something leftover to keep playing and build your way back up to the big shots. The online casino also offers full-time live chat and phone support available to all users so you never have to worry about an error in programming. Live support is generous, personable, and understanding.

Responsible Gambling

Mr. Green company is not all about profit margins as you would see with most casinos. The online casino promotes healthy enjoyment for entertainment purposes. Along with the loss caps, you will find adjustable play caps. If you are worried you may get a bit excited and lose everything you can set daily restrictions on how much you play and how much you spend. Also, a great feature if you use a shared account with your spouse or best friend.