Player Breaks Records, Wins Big in King Billys Casino

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Are you a straight shooter who likes to put it all on the line? Well, one lucky player did at King Billy! While playing the online slot Dead or Alive 2, he won an incredible $204,398! Now that’s called putting it all on the line. The German Kai not only won himself a good nest egg but be beat records at the King Billy Online Casino. He had the highest award for an online casino in a single spin.

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Kai’s story starts off just like many casino winners, just having another day at the slots trying to blow off some steam or get some extra cash for the weekend. But this regular was about to get something out of the ordinary. Many times, people think that when you use the slots too much you will be rewarded with massive debt, but Kai says otherwise and has the money to prove it! He’s been playing online for 15 years now, and its quite an achievement for him to finally feel the fruit of his labor come to pass. There hasn’t been a comment on what Kai plans to spend his money on, but there shouldn’t be a shortage of things he can get with that kind of jackpot.
Some might ask how he was able to get so much money on one slot spin? Well, its mainly due to the idea of multipliers used in the slot that Kai used, the Dead or Alive 2.

While you may be able to line up images and get some money, having a multiplier on the same slot screen can make a big difference! This was the case for this mega winner, who had the incredible multiplier of 56,777! That means that without that multiplier he would have earned around just 3 dollars. So now we know how much Dead or Alive 2 slots can actually make you come home with some big bucks if you have all your ducks in a row and multiply them!

The way to play Dead or Alive 2 slot is easy. Depending on your country, you must either choose to free play or play casino rules (which is what Kai did to earn his jackpot). Once you see the slots, you can either roll individually, or you can ask it to autoplay, where it will spin a set number of times so that you can get as much out of the game without constantly clicking to refresh. We don’t know what Kai did, but after 15 years of using the slots, I can see how this can come in handy to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome from all that clicking.

You can ask it to autoplay for 10, 25, 50, up to a thousand times in a row! You have symbol playout values that can be pictures or cards, while wild symbols can attach to these playout values to increase your winnings. Scatter symbols act to add some icing to that cake and no matter where they line up on your slot screen, they provide winnings as long as there are two or more. On top of that, the scatter shots and Old Saloon wild cards give you free spins if there is three or more on the screen. Now, here’s where the multipliers come in: when you are in the train heist free spins, each wild card attributes up to 16 times multiplication! Now, are you ready to get those winnings cowboy?

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