Playson presents the innovative mobile-friendly game design

February 4, 2021 Posted in News, Softwares by No Comments

The great news is here for online slot lovers since Playson has announced a completely new mobile platform interface.


With this addition, free spins casinos offering Playson games will gain access to a new and more suitable mobile layout.

All the options can therefore be handled with just one touch, making mobile gaming more convenient.

Playson is one of the leading innovators of the iGaming field and this new addition proves it. The all-new mobile interface is already up and running on numerous casinos that offer a Playson portfolio.

Still, although this addition makes things much easier, players should get to know the details first.

About the Playson mobile interface

The online casino market keeps on growing by each day and all that expansion requires updated solutions.

Having in mind how much mobile platform gambling is popular, Playson figured out a great tool.

Namely, the biggest concern of the provider was to enable players to enjoy their slots in portrait mode.

However, it wasn’t an easy task to accomplish, but experienced Playson experts managed it.

The new interface design allows players to stake on slots via portrait mode on mobile platforms.

Still, the provider is proud to announce that with this addition, players will be able to play single-handed.

All the options are integrated to suit the needs of players enjoying Playson slots in portrait view.

Among the options included, there’re several crucial game aspects like the play button, auto-play, and game setup.

Overall impression of the latest Playson interface

The game layout design experts at Playson developed one of the most suitable interfaces for mobile play.

Namely, players will be able to use all the relevant gameplay options while navigating with one hand.

Details regarding the bet amount are at the top left corner of the interface. On the other hand, the middle section below the slot grid is for the play button.

This button is slightly larger than the others to aid players in making each spin.

However, this option isn’t the only one available as the auto-play button is just right next to the play button.

This way, players can reach with the thumb of a single hand and activate the auto spins. The options will be displayed as players can set the number of autoplay spins by preference.

The third and final option integrated into this layout is on the leftmost side below the slot grid.

Players that are familiar with the slot setup panel will find it very convenient that it’s located next to mentioned options.

With this aspect, players can configure the slot depending on the options offered by them. All in all, the latest mobile interface developed by Playson is a true game-changer.

All the relevant game options are easily accessible in portrait mode with just 3 in-game buttons. Ultimately, lovers of Playson slots can enjoy some of the best free spins bonus games with an exclusive layout.