Are Royal Families Allowed to Gamble?

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The royals are always a big mystery to us all, we can’t deny that.

Whatever is happening behind these doors is unknown to the rest of the world.

There are all sorts of secrets that the staff and the members are keeping until their last breath, and it has always been like that.

Well, one secret among these is that are the royals really not allowed to gamble?

I mean, not even a simple game of cards that are meant to do no harm to anyone?

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Apparently, yes.

Although it’s not really confirmed, there are rumors all around the world speculating that the royals are not allowed to enjoy a round or two of casino poker.

Want to hear the rest of this?

Find out! 

The Sport Everyone Enjoys in

The royals, especially the British ones are occupied all the time.

They have conferences and all dorts of events that they need to be on.

But, that does stop them from spending a little time by themselves.

They hang out for an afternoon tea, hang with their kids, and go shopping.

But, they also enjoy the horse races.

All of us have seen Queen Elizabeth and Duchess Kate enjoying some horse races, and even the Australian open from the VIP audience seats.

kate middleton and queen elizabeth watching a tennis match

They are certainly enjoying this and love playing sports as well, but does that mean that they bet on these sports?

We are not sure.

No one is. 

Does Everything That Happens in Vegas Stay There?

All of us have heard of Prince Harry and his appearance.

A couple of years back, he married the gorgeous Meghan Markle, and currently, they are in Canada.

But, Harry hasn’t always been a married man.

While he was a bachelor, he liked to hang out with other women and he occasionally went to Las Vegas.

Clearly, he couldn’t keep his hands and thoughts off of poker.

Many visitors that night saw him, and they said that he is as quite kind and nice.

That what his presence felt like.

prince harry

So, as we all know harry as the royal rebel (unlike his brother William), I’m sure that he wasn’t allowed to be here.

Harry likes to be in the center of attention and to be at the center spot, so he went to Vegas.

Clearly, he isn’t afraid of the consequences and he enjoyed himself.

And of course, that didn’t make him a poker addict.

The royals are afraid that they will become casino junkies and spend their traditional and money on things like gambling activity.

But it’s not that easy.

Poker is a culture, and many people are enjoying ith without abuse.

The royals, of course, are afraid of their reputation and I certainly understand them.

You can’t blame them.

Their tradition is centuries old.

Many people think that they are not allowed, and it’s their business at the end of the day. 


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