The Weirdest Slot Machine Superstitions

April 2, 2020 Posted in News, Slots by No Comments

The slot machines and the casino games, in general, are games that require luck, after all.

All fo the technique will go to waste if you’re not lucky enough to hit that jackpot or to have the highest hand of them all.

It’s just life.

Everyone knows this, and that’s why the people in the past (some of them even now) have decided to believe in things.

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That are made up and have no scientific or any other back up for that matter.

They just exist and many people choose to believe in them without the blink of an eye.

slot machines

Especially the gamblers.

They are a group of people and as is said, tend to be very superstitious and would believe in anything just to win the game. 

Well, today, we decided to list down the most famous superstitions when it comes down to the casino slot games. 

Location Matters

This is by far, one of the most untrue superstitions when it comes to the slot superstitions.

I remember hearing this even on some movies and tv shows, and it’s a complete lie.

Many people think that the farther is the slot machine, the more money it will actually give you.

Don’t believe this because the system of slot machines is programmed.

So it will win or lose your game, no matter how many people will sit today to play it.

If a Slot Hasn’t Paid out in a Long Time, Except for a Win Very Soon

This one is also very popular, but also very untrue.

It doesn’t matter if the slot has or hasn’t paid out, if you win the game, then you will get the money.

If you don’t, then no money for you. It’s just that simple.

Luck is a pretty crucial thing when it comes to the slot industry, and if you don’t have enough of it, nothing will save you. 

slot machines

You Will Win If You Stand Instead of Sit While Playing

This one isn’t as popular as the previous two, but people use it anyway.

I mean, just think logically.

How can the chair and you sitting on it (or not) be connected to your luck or the actual slot machine that you play on?

It just doesn’t make sense to me. 

New Slots Will Have Bigger Pay Outs

Well, this isn’t complete nonsense because after all, the slot is new and it has more money than the regular slot machine, but still.

As I said before, if three or more icons don’t appear on the slot screen to congratulate you.

For winning the jackpot or a bonus, a brand new slot machine for sure won’t do your job as well. 

These are only some out of the many slot machine superstitions that are widely known.

From all around the world in the casino rooms.

Even online, they are a hit and it just proves that anyone would do, say or believe anything if it means more money.


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