Online Slots vs. Real-life Slots – What should you Prioritize?

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Online Slots vs. Real-life Slots

If you are a slot lover then you are certainly familiar with the everlasting debate of online slots vs. real-life slots. While the online casinos gained sufficient attention in the previous decade, land-based casino slots enjoyed greater popularity.

Still, now it’s only a matter of time before online slots take over because of their overwhelming gaming convenience. With this in mind, it’s tough to make a decision; which type of slots should you prioritize?

Well, to help you cope with this decision, our team is more than happy to make the comparison for you. We’ll be focusing on all the main slot traits and differences between the two types, so stay tuned for the juicy details!

What Separates Online slots from Real-life slots?

There’s no point in discussing which type of slot game is more convenient for play. In 2021, the modern age of slot gaming has come and NZ players can benefit from playing from home comfort. That being said, even if the online slots are much more convenient, we won’t deal with this matter today.

We are rather here to help you decide which type of slots you should prioritize in terms of gameplay, payouts, and excitement. So, here are the main differentiation aspects of the two kinds of slots:

  • Online slots can be accessed from home
  • Variety of mobile platform optimized games
  • The convenience of spinning for demo credits on online slots
  • Greater choice of games enabled by online operators

As you can see, everything points out to the same conclusion – it can be beneficial for your time and money to play online. Still, some things certainly go into the favor of real-life slots. For instance, the gameplay and experience just can’t be compared with online slots that are made even by big software names like Netent or Pragmatic Play.

Although you can spin most of the land-based slots online, it just doesn’t provide the matching in-game sensation. While being in a land-based casino, you can sit in front of the larger slot screen and observe the gameplay in more detail.

You can also make use of the casino promotions and bonuses that are only given to land-based players. Finally, spinning the one-handed jack and other slots that are physically triggered is unprecedented in tradition and feeling.

Online slots vs. Real-life slots: Bonuses

One of the aspects that could turn the tables around here is the bonus included in these types of slots. We don’t only focus on the free spins bonus, but rather on the complete package of casino promos that come with slots.

One thing that can help you make a decision is to take a look at these offers. While some games offer the possibility of purchasing free spins for online slots, real-life slots don’t offer such a chance.

Also, online casino promotions are more frequent and come in various shapes, while land-based promos are rare. However, land-based operators have great support in terms of frequent visitors with loyalty status.

Such players can access bonuses and promos that are far better than the ones offered by online operators. Also, not all of the prestigious real-life slots can be played on online casino sites. As much as the online casino offering grows bigger, some games are only suitable for live play. You can’t blame the providers of these games either.

It sounds logical since real-life slot machines require larger investments into machines themselves. On the other hand, online slots are only focused on software used, therefore they cost less.

The Difference is in the Sensation

Gaming sensation is what matters the most when it comes to comparing online slots vs. real-life slots. While land-based slots can give you a 3D experience on a large playing screen, online slots are not even near.

The sensation of playing online slots is mostly decided by the deposit free spins and other promotions were given. It also has a lot to do with the accessibility of the games which you can access at any point from a mobile device.

It all depends on what you prefer as a player – either you wish to take on the online sphere with an array of promos, or enjoy traditional slots. Traditional slots can also give you higher payouts depending on the exact casino.

While the cash flow is larger at such facilities, online casinos of moderate level often reduce payouts. So, the playing sensation is ultimately not the same and affects the final verdict of online slots vs. real-life slots.

Trying out the game for the first time

While searching for new slots, you’ve surely encountered the situation where you wish to try out the game. As this is not possible other than doing it for real cash in land-based casinos, online slots provide such an option.

It’s easy to figure out the game by trying it for demo credits when playing for the first time. However, if you wish to try out the real-life slots, it’s not possible other than using real money. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean a huge difference, it’s much more convenient to try the game out first.

While playing online slots, you can also make use of the free spins no deposit offers given by operators. So, it’s no secret that online slots give you more chance to figure out the game before playing than real-life slots.

Online Slots vs. Real-life Slots – Final Verdict

In all honesty, it’s tough to be certain about the decision of online slots vs. real-life slots. It rather depends on the personal preference of players and their playing routine. Slot spinning is quite fun, and real-life slots make the experience much better than online slots.

On the other hand, online slots come with much higher playing convenience than land-based ones. Ultimately, it’s up to every player to decide which type of slot games to play depending on the situation. Still, one thing is for sure – both online slots and real-life slots have their advantages and impact the overall slot scene.