Winning on Slot Games – Everything You need to Know

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Winning on Slot Games

Have you ever wondered if there’s a tactic for winning on slot games? Well, you might not be the only one as numerous slot lovers all over the world ask the same question. Still, rare are the ones that manage to use logic to beat online slots.

Luckily, the free spins casinos offer a variety of slot games that come with aspects you can directly affect. That’s why we are here to bring you the methods you can count on to boost your efficiency on online slots. Stay tuned to find out how to enhance your chances of winning slot games!

Know your Slots to raise the winning chances

Knowing the games you play is crucial to establish somewhat of the winning pattern. As there is no true strategy for ensuring the slot wins, there are some aspects that you can directly influence. So, knowing the following aspects of slot games is crucial:

  • Slot pay lines included in the game
  • RTP percentage
  • Types of bonuses included
  • Availability of free spins
  • Maximum win cap on the game

These factors can help you figure out the winning pattern while playing online slots. Besides, these points are not too hard to get to know as it seems logical that games with a free spins bonus pay better.

Some other aspects like the game lines can be specifically modified if you wish to make the most out of online slots. To avoid keeping you waiting, let’s now take a look into how these factors can help to win slot games.

Manage the Pay lines included in the game

Knowing the pay lines is crucial while making the most out of the online slot. It’s known that some slots come with as little as 5 lines, while others give you above 50 pay lines. So, knowing the number of lines provided by the slot you are planning to play can help to maximize the wins.

For instance, you can rely on slots with more lines to pay more frequently. It all depends on the bet per line ratio, meaning that the more you bet per a single game line, the higher your win will be.

Knowing that you can customize the game to suit your preference when it comes to paying lines. Some games come with fixed lines, but others will allow you to set up the lines as you please. So, you can reduce the number of active lines and increase the bet per line ratio.

As much as it involves taking a greater risk since you don’t have all the available lines active, it can also help. Just imagine hitting a full-line win on the active line where you have enhanced your bet!

Always check the game RTP

Sometimes it’s as simple as taking a look into the game’s RTP when you plan on making the most out of the game. Some slots include quite a high RTP of above 97%, meaning that generally, you will hit 97 out of every 100 spins.

It may not sound impressive at first, but the greater the RTP percentage is, the better your winning chances will be. Winning on slot games includes much more than just playing the game with a high stake.

You will need to know the exact RTP of the game to figure out if you should even bother trying it for real money.

Bonus features as the relevant factor

One of the things that affect online slots the most is the availability of in-game bonuses. In 2021, you can find slot games with as many as 5 bonus types included in a single game!

The bonus rounds relate to special features that occur in-game, and the scatter-triggered ones. Although you can combine the deposit free spins and other casino-provided bonuses, nothing compares to in-game features.

Choosing the game with several special features and base game bonuses can only add up to your winning chances. By choosing a game with as many bonuses as possible, winning on slots seems one step closer.

Free spins Availability

If you have the free spins bonus available in the slot game of your preference, you can raise the winning chances. Not only do free spins result in bonus rounds where you aren’t requested to stake to spin, but they also come with special aspects.

Some free spins include expanding symbols, others will give you stacked wilds, but in essence – their purpose is the same. All free spins types available in online slots for NZ players are beneficial for winning on slots.

If you chose a game without free spins bonus in 2021, you better reconsider your choice!

Maximum win cap of the game

As some games can pay you more than x5000 of your stake, other games with lower limits just can’t be helped. Your winning potential on such games is reduced no matter which tactics you apply to increase it.

So, the best advice would be to go for the slots that can pay at least x500 of the stake on a single spin. This way, you can avoid spending way too many spins just to hit the maximum win that’s not even profitable.

Maximum win limitation can be seen on the slot game info page, so be sure to always read it before playing!

Winning on Slots – Final Thoughts

Although all the mentioned pieces of advice can result in much higher wins, none of them makes a proven strategy. It just can’t be helped – online slots are random number generated games that are pre-destined before you even make a spin.

Still, you can try the mentioned tactics to enhance your winning potential to the real point in the play. Keep in mind that slot games are games that rely on luck alone, so never enter the machine with the intent to win money.

It’s always better to have fun in play and occasionally try the mentioned tactics to boost your chances.