The Best 3D Slots You Have to Try!

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If you’re a fan of playing online slots then you know there are many to choose from out there. Sadly, some games are beginning to repeat the same styles and mechanics, making the games somewhat dull and repetitive. So, which ones are worth your time? Here are some unique 3D online slots that every fan needs to try:

The True Sheriff
Who doesn’t love a good, old fashioned Western throwdown? With a five star rating across various platforms, this game is definitely one that would draw your attention. It’s free to play with a simple google search, and with a click of a button the game begins. Some unique things about this game are the incredible graphics and cutscenes that take place after a successful spin. The sheriff will take clues out of the machine – “Wanted” posters, bullets, etc. – to help him find the mysterious wanted criminal. Then he and the darkly clad man will square off in the middle of town. It’s up to you as a player to then flip a coin (choose wisely!) and depending on your choice, the sheriff will either be quick on the draw or slow to react. These cutscenes happen like you’re watching a movie and are totally seperate from the actual slot portion but you control what happens next. This creative mechanic makes the game feel real, fast paced, and exciting.

Fairy Tale
Fairy Tale will instantly grab your attention from a selection screen because of its beautiful graphics depicting three magical goddesses. While playing, you can expect beautiful, harmonious music, and magical glyphs glowing with each successful spin. You’re given great magical rewards but the best part is watching a matching line transform into a goddess with wings in the center of your screen. She begins to work her magic spell that increases your winnings and sheds shimmering dust across the screen. With each conjuring of this woman a bird cage disappears, setting doves free and granting you more points. It’s enticing and relaxing and truly a unique take on the slots game.


Turning Totems Slot Machine
As the name implies, in this game you can expect your slots to not actually be slots, but ancient carvings on totem poles. During the game, the elder will begin to dance as you rack up points and winnings. With more successful spins, the totems begin to work their magic and come alive, sometimes with bright, powerful wings that create a gust of wind or a clash of lightning. The images on the totems will also begin to change subtly with each successful spin, creating beautiful imagery and lighting. Still, the game sticks closer to conventional slots and when lightning strikes you know you’ve won a bonus game and will get extra spins later.

The Rift Slot
This slot game looks like something straight out of the Twilight Zone. Each item appears to be floating in a strange dimension to create slots. There are strange octupie, cursed books, and orbs that make up your machine. There is also a sigil reading “The Rift” and each time these sigils are lined up, the player gets huge winnings and a brilliant magical show that grants extra spins. During this game a floating circle with empty points will appear and begin to fill as the game progresses. The winnings and extra spins increase as the points on the circle are filled. After this, spells and spins become more powerful as symbols like the Star of David and the Rift symbol begin to glow and pulse with electric power. The more that are matched up, the better the visuals become and the more winnings you receive. This game is great for magic lovers and Twilight Zone fans, as the experience feels out of this world and even out of this dimension.

All of these games can be found just by typing the name into the search engine. If you’re looking for gripping visuals, unique game mechanics look no further. These are the top games out there and are guaranteed to get you hooked. But don’t just take the author’s word for it. Try out the games for yourself!

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