About 3-Reel And 5-Reel Slot Machines in New Zealand

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Most of the time when people go to Las Vegas they are usually going to gamble. The glitz and glamor that casinos have to offer have made them a very popular tourist and non tourist attraction all around the world. Not to mention the fact that a person can earn a lot of money. When it comes to gambling in online casinos, slot machines are one of the most popular games to play. There are a variety of slot machines available but the most popular are the three reel and five reel slots.

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When a person is trying to decide on what type of slot machine to play there are a couple of options. For the players who reverence the classic slot machines the three reel slot is usually their choice of machine. This type of slot machine offers a fun, nostalgic and easy way of earning a pay out. Often times these machines have basic pictures that consist of fruit, bar signs and diamonds. Three reel slot machines are simplistic in their design which not only makes it easy for the player to understand and read but is also a great machine for first time gamblers to try. This type of slot machine has a lower betting amount with lower payouts. The three reel slot machines can still be found available for use in casinos today. For most players who love the traditional slot machines they are like fine wine that a person just can’t get enough of. They have to keep going back for more.

Five reel slot machines however are known for their multiple pay lines that helps a player to earn more. This type of machine is a little more difficult to understand and read. They offer a player multiple ways to increase their coins, earn bonus points and have additional features that are not apart of the three reel slot machines. Some of those additional features include wild symbols, multipliers, bells and whistles, free spins and bonus rounds. Most often five reel slot machines can only be found online. This is due to casinos trying to find a way to keep up with the technology changes while also establishing a means to broaden their customer base.

Because of their popularity and the ongoing changes in today’s technology slot machine players can now play their beloveded slot games online from the comfort of their own home or wherever they maybe. These games are so entertaining that they have also been turned into actual video games. The process in playing the games are still the same and the earnings won are real. The video game version slot machine also gives the player a way to play with multiple players which is something that cannot be done with the traditional slot machines.

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An added attraction to the online and video game slot machines is that players can play day or night and they can play for as much or as little as they want to. They can also compete in tournaments and matches with the video and online versions. So if a player happens to hit the jackpot and screams or does a happy dance they do not have to worry about drawing unnecessary attention to themselves or disrupting others around them.

As the casino industry continues to grow there is no doubt that slot machines will continue to evolve. However the classic slot machines will always be around. But when it comes to trying to decide exactly which slot to play, well that decision is going to be solely upon the player and their personal preferences.

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