The Most Common Styles of Playing Poker

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Many people wonder whether the game of poker is something that you’re born with, is it luck or maybe a tactic?

Well, not everyone has the same opinion on that because, at the end of the day, each experience with casino games is different.

According to our experience, for a poker, all you need is practice and just a tad bit of luck and you will be the richest.

The players who are having poker as their daily activity has gotten some kind of common styles. Some are even famous in the way they gamble.

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Take Ben Affleck as an example. Everyone says that he has a nice and quiet poker style and that’s why everyone would love to play with him.

So, let’s find out the other styles of playing poker.

a man with a hat holding poker cars in his hansd while drinking whiskey

Common Styles

The way someone plays can easily be divided into two categories: tight vs loose playing and passive vs aggressive. 

Tight vs Loose Playing

These two don’t have a lot in common. The tight kind is when the player is playing with a small number of cards in his hand.

It may seem weird but behind this, there surely is some sort of tactic. While with the loose kind, naturally, the player has a wide palette of cards in front of his eyes.

Again, this works for some people because they have thought it through.

Passive vs Aggressive Playing

These two kinds indicate how risky the player is going to get.

The passive player always has a fear of losing and he often avoids eye contact with anyone. They’re pretty paranoic.

While the aggressive types are complete opposites of the passives. They always raise more than one call and aren’t afraid to bluff and increase the chip amount. 

These were the basic divisions, just to make it simples for you. Next, these types fall into 4 categories. So, let’s go see those more complex combinations.

Tight Passive

Or weak-passive is the type of player that no one wants around them. They are afraid to place a bet and are just waiting for a good hand.

But, when they finally reach that, the game finishes. Everyone can ‘bluff’ them because they are really observant and overthink every situation.


Their motto is to sit back and watch the other people risk their money.

Often not knowing what they do, these types are only raising a flop because they want to see the reactions of every player on the table so they can easily predict and win the game.

The other two types often milk them to the maximum because these types are calling all the time!


Everyone thinks that these types of fo players are really easy to fool and bluff, but that’s a mistake.

These players only play with the best hands or none at all and they often win because they’re very careful and good at predicting at a situation.

They are often marked as ‘sharks’ because their tactics are really good and effective.

a man with cigarette in his mouth holding two poker hands


These are pretty much the best players of all three because they are really difficult to read and they call all the time.

But, you know that it’s a smart move because they plan on something and are ready to do everything in order to get what they want.

Observing, bluffing and big caller are the main words if you want to describe this type of player.

Straightforward or picky? What’s better? Well, you decide because each one of these types has its advantages and disadvantages.

The first ones can’t be what they are thought to be without the others, and vice versa. It’s all a matter of choice.


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