Dan Bilzerian: Yes or No?

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Ever since the beginning of time, the casino world has known many legends that can be unforgettable.

Even to this day.

Whether the casino fans hated them or loved them with passion, you can’t just…not know them.

They are memorable and all of their deeds cant slip away without the whole world knowing them.

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Usually, the whole world and media talk about them, because well, they are A-list celebrities.

Do you know who is this kind of poker celebrity from our time?

Dan Bilzerian.

I’m pretty sure that you have heard of him, his fortune, and his Instagram page.

The ‘Instagram King’, as everyone loves to call him, is really popular in the poker, and the casino world.

dan bilzerian surronded by girls

Maybe he’s not into it lately, but you can’t just wipe his name of the poker legends.

Anyway, he is loved by some and hated by some.

At the end of the day, he is just a regular human being.

Just like you and me.

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The difference isn’t made in cases like these.

You cant be loved by everyone; just as much as you cant be hated by them.

So, what is this guy doing right now, and did he achieve the hate award that he gets from poker fans on a daily basis?

Cheater or Mindless Rumors?

This one, we will never know it for sure.

Dan Bilzerian started his career in front of a poker table.

Everyone watched him win these poker rounds and earn millions of dollars.

Or so, that what he talks about.

But how much of these legendary stories are actually true?

No one will know, I guess.

But, since his dad is rich snd he started out of nowhere with the whole poekr fame, the people think that it’s really suspicious.

Apparently, his dad was loaning him money in order to help him with the poker business.

Of course, Bilzerian denies it, but everyone would do the same, right?

Maybe these are false accusations, maybe they are not.

dan bilzerian playing poker in his earlier years

Some people say that he is cheating constantly and that he doesn’t know a thing about how you should play poker.

Again, maybe its rumor, maybe it’s not.

We will never know.

But, doesn’t it strikes your curiosity just a bit?

Marijuana Boss, Playboy Lover

Even though he is not in the poker scene as much right now, you can’t just avoid the Instagram posts.

He is releasing them almost every day.

Dan Bilzerian is not only the king os Instagram, but he also has his own company as well.

Money well invested, don’t you think?

It’s for medical purposes only, and apparently he is selling it.

And the business is going well.

Then, we have his girls in bikinis (sometimes even naked) on all sorts of yachts, beaches, pools, and king-sized beds.

His life truly is every man’s dream come true.

And with a $10 million net worth, I wouldn’t expect otherwise.

See how there is maybe a dirty reason why everyone is hating and clinging on to it when it comes to Dan Bilzerian?

Maybe its simply jealousy. Maybe he really is the dirty poker player that takes nad never leaves.

The opinion and the judgment are left on to you, and no one else! 


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