Music Stars Who Are Into Gambling as Well

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Does the casino and music go together? I think so. 

They are in a pretty harmonious relationship because the casino isn’t exciting without some music, and why shouldn’t you spice your daily listening to music with a round of poker.

Many music stars throughout history had the gift to master both of these really fun activities and they don’t regret it even one bit.

Here are some of the most famous music stars into gamblig and love to have adrenaline rushing through their veins occasionally. 

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Frank Sinatra

This one didn’t come out as a surprise to me. The famous singer was in love with the sin city, Las Vegas and he was always there, placing bets on the poker table and occasionally winning.

Along with Elvis Presley and Davis Junior, Sinatra just couldn’t resist this sweet and fun activity.

frank sinatra playing roulette

Elvis Presley

Along with Sinatra, they were always a pair when it came to the casino rooms. He is also the main face of Las Vegas and there are figures and statues of him everywhere.

Except for a rock n roll icon, he was also a casino icon as well.

There is also a slot game named after him; the popular ‘Elvis The King Lives’ slot machine that is really famous all around the world casinos.

The casino was in his blood.

elvis presley holding a red guitar

Gladys Knight

The famous soul singer is a very popular musician who liked to gamble on a daily basis. She played baccarat so often that she was almost addicted to it.

She just didn’t like to admit it. When she first started with the casino games, she didn’t even know that a thing like this could happen to her.

But, luckily, she plays in moderation now and doesn’t have that problem anymore. Gladys is finally happy and in a healthy relationship with gambling.

gladys knight


The famous Motorhead frontman was in love with gambling and wasn’t afraid nor ashamed to show it.

Everyone who knew him claimed that the casino and slot machines were his second love. Lemmy was a really enthusiastic slot player who drank whiskey who even had a slot machine in his house.

Even when he was diagnosed with cancer, he still stayed loyal to the spin machines until his last few hours when he peacefully passed away in his home. 

lemmy playing slot machine, music stars who were into gambling

Were some of these surprising for you? I know, they were for me as well.

These stars are only few of the bi palette of musicians from all genres who enjoyed a little casino and weren’t afraid to take such a risk, such as 50 Cent, Nelly, Harry Styles, and others.


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