Progressive and Non-Progressive Slots – the difference

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Part of a player’s experience and the thrill of gaming online with slots is finding out real ways to improve payout odds and winning bigger jackpots. Many love slot games because they are super affordable and do not require the seriousness of other games. Slots are fun and learning how to win is the best part!

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Improving the Odds

Gamers love to win and the actual method of picking the right machine is simply knowing what the different machines offer. Winning large amounts happens by placing the maximum bet and playing all of the lines. This method also makes the player eligible to hit more often on free-spins and extra bonus features that the machine has to offer. Remember it is better to play with less money per bet, but more lines per bet.

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What’s the difference between Progressive and Non-Progressive Payouts?

There are many kinds of slot machines. Taking a closer look at progressive compared to non-progressive slots is a great way to start winning bigger. Progressive machines have much higher jackpots because they increase the more gamers play. With today’s technology, multiple players from different areas can even connect to play the same slots. Each time the game is played, a percentage of the gamers bet goes towards the ultimate or “progressive” jackpot payout amount. The difference is that on most other machines the jackpot amount is always a “fixed” amount and the odds of winning faster, albeit less money, is better on non-progressive machines. Progressive slots payout fewer times than non-progressive games.


Non-Progressive Slots

Here’s the secret. Non-progressive slots give the player better odds. Think “scratcher tickets” here. In other words, at the time of play, the winning amount has already been determined. It is important to note, however, that all non-progressive games will each have their own odds. Knowing beforehand what kind of play is of interest will help the player decide if they’re seeking more-frequent smaller, fixed winnings, or if they’re willing to go bigger.

What is a Payout Percentage?

The payout percentage will also be different from one kind of slot machine to another. This amount tells you the percentage of the prize money that goes to the winning player and which part goes to the machine operators to cover maintenance expenses. The payout percentage is another great reason to stick with non-progressive slots because it’s a single game/machine, compared with multiple connected progressive players.

Thinking about individual gaming goals helps a player understand what they want from their experience. While some players love the thrill of the entertainment, others may want to just hit it big. Keeping track of how much is being spent and being thoughtful about which machines to play will allow the slot player to enjoy their time and end up ahead.

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