The VoodooDreams Casino Offers An Excellent Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs provide returning customers with rewards. The loyalty programs offered by online casinos vary in size and shape depending on the play style of the customer. VoodooDreams Casino enables players to choose their preferred rewards while remaining aware of the points necessary to receive the next reward. Every winning spins provides the player with two types of points in addition to the win amount. These are called SP or Spirit Points and XP or Experience Points. XP enables players to attain new levels to receive better bonuses or spells. The spells unlocked are cast with SP.

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A player is given a bonus when they cast a spell with their SP. The cost of the SP differs depending on the spell’s value. The more a spell is used, the more powerful it will become. If the player has enough SP, they can choose their bonuses and the value. The bonuses and spells are separated into four categories, Spirit Magic, Light, Dark and Blood.

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Blood magic provides the player with free spins the next time they make a deposit. They can be restricted to specific games but there are several to choose from. Dark Magic provides the player with a deposit bonus. Light Magic offers a bigger deposit bonus. The most valuable spell is Spirit Magic because there are no playthrough requirements and the player receives real money.

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The players receive two different types of points while playing. These are called Spirit Points and Experience Points. The player receives these points when their game session ends and when they have a winning spin. SP and XP are both located in the menu. On a mobile this is under the magic tab and to the right on a desktop. XP are the experience points that determine the Voodoo level of the player. This is how the number of available powerful spells is determined. The level becomes higher as the number of XP earned increases. When the player earns enough points they will automatically level up.

A predetermined number of XP are required for the player to reach the next Voodoo level. This occurs when four new spells are unlocked by the player. These can be cast at any time. These Spells are more powerful but more SP is required for casting. The players level never decreases. SP or Spirit Points are as important as XP. SP enables the players to cast Spells that have been unlocked. SP are earned through promotions, registration and by playing. A reward is given when a Spell is cast. The cost of the SP depends on the power of the player but the player earns more as their Voodoo level increases. Spells can be cast provided the player has enough SP. There are four spell types with each one providing a different reward. The player chooses which one to use.

There is a minimum deposit requirement for any spell that requires a deposit. If the player does not meet this amount on their next deposit, the deposit will be queued until a deposit is made that will meet the minimum requirements. Spirit Magic is the most valuable and popular spell because the players enjoy receiving real cash with no wagering or deposit required. Non-wagering free spins are provided by the first four levels. The rest just add cash to the players account. The player can do anything they choose with this cash. Spirit Magic is activated as soon as the player casts the spell because there is no requirement for a deposit. The player can use Spirit Magic money to play or immediately withdraw the funds from their account. The choice is completely up to the player.

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