Understanding the Odds of Online Slots for Kiwis – RTP

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If you have ever wondered when exactly that slot machine is gonna payout, or what the odds of winning a jackpot online may be, we have the answers. The calculations are expressed in the abstract equation of what is called Return To Player (RTP for short). RTP is the percentage of money played that is returned back to players over thousands of plays. A slot machine with an RTP of 95% would thus payout 95% of money paid into it, back to players over thousands of plays. You are not going to see these hypothetical averages in short-term plays. Although you may luck out and hit a jackpot right off the bat.

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Of course that all depends on the type of slot machine you are playing. Some machines are random, and others compensated. A random machine would randomly pay even if it had not met any particular revenue quota, and then go into a long slumber. The compensated machine would only payout after a threshold of play money was received. This means that compensated machines do not get hot until perhaps millions of plays have chipped into the jackpots. This is an important part of considering the winning equation.

It is in your best interests to always play slots with high RTP rates, of 96% or more. These games may not pay out as many large prizes, but will keep you entertained with random small prizes. The heart of all modern slot machines is a random number generator. The random number generator makes it pointless to form a strategy for winning. The best strategy is to stretch your budget, while playing enough lines or stakes to keep it interesting for you.

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A bad habit many frustrated players get into is trying to heat up a cold machine with big bets. The random number generator doesn’t care how high you bet, and is not going to increase the performance to produce a higher rate of wins for you. You will just more quickly burn through your play money, and walk away feeling like a loser. It is best to simply bet consistently and shrug off losing streaks by wading through them. Compensated machines may hypothetically require more revenue to reach the pivotal breaking point. Nonetheless, you are not likely to cross this threshold in a single week, despite your persistence.

Because slot machines today are digital, there is very little difference between iGaming online and physical machines in the casino. They all use the same random number generator, and are expected to payout consistently at the RTP over time. There are many advantages to online slots. The online companies have less overhead, and know that it is a players market, thus offering higher returns and bonuses. The brick and mortar casinos already have you there, and control what you pay for amusement on your vacation. You can expect them to exploit your circumstances by offering you overpriced drinks and

food, with limited fringe benefits.
Your best bet for big wins is to play the progressive slots. These jackpot machines progressively increase the jackpot with every play, typically across a network of machines. These are the type of machines you are most likely to win millions off a single bet. The standard jackpot slots have a fixed payout that is anyone’s guess of how many plays away from plausibly winning it is. The downside of progressive jackpot slots is the low payouts, as a great percentage of the money is sucked into a big prize. Because slots are random, the best strategy is to be random with the machines played and amount wagered.
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